13 reasons why bamboo is eco-friendly

There is a constant search for sustainable, renewable resources. We want fast-growing, regenerative materials for building.  Everyone wants low carbon output, low to no waste, and a reduction in exposure to chemicals. We want to use things that make a positive impact on the planet, but we also want things that make our lives better. Bamboo is known by many as people to be a possible planet-saving miracle plant. Do you know why? Royal Craft Wood has all the details! Let’s get started!

Top 13 benefits of a bamboo

Bamboo can be used to make extremely soft material. It is eco-friendly, sturdy and eye-catching. But these things hardly begin to encompass what bamboo can do. Here are the top 10 reasons why everyone must try bamboo.

1. Bamboo Grows Fast

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. People can harvest bamboo without causing damages to the ecosystems of the bamboo forests. In one day, a bamboo plant can grow up to 60 centimeters (23.6 inches). Some species can grow up to 121 centimeters (47.6 inches). Bamboo plants reach their maximum height and thickness in one growing cycle which is usually 3 to 4 months.

2. Bamboo Is Anti-Bacterial

This plant contains a natural bio-agent, and it is naturally antibacterial. It is so effective that it eliminates and prevents over 70% of bacteria that attempt to grow on it, whether in its natural or processed form.

3. Bamboo Is Deodorizes

Charcoal of bamboo is extremely porous and can absorb large quantities of odor-causing bacteria. It can also be used in filtering harmful chemicals from the water.

4. Bamboo Fiber Is Breathable And and Absorbent

An amazing property of bamboo fiber is that it is excellent at absorbing moisture. It helps to keep skin cool and dry. Even when moist, it does not cling to the skin allowing great breathability.

5. Bamboo Fiber Sustains Temperature

The insulating characteristics of bamboo fiber make it great for sustaining body temperature. It cools people down when it's hot and it keeps people warm when it's cold.

6. Bamboo Is Used in Medicine

It’s medical benefits date back centuries to Ancient China and Japan. Bamboo resin, leaves, and shavings have medical uses for respiratory and digestive illnesses, fevers, and inflammation. In general, being around bamboo reduces anxiety/stress and may decrease depression.

7. Bamboo Helps Control Soil Erosion

Creating a canopy allows bamboo to act as a water barrier. It helps control soil erosion. Bamboo absorbs nitrogen. Which helps mitigates water pollution. It is also used to protect crops and prevent homes from washing away in developing countries.

8. Bamboo Is A Healthy Food Source

Their shoots have been a staple food source for thousands of years, especially in Asian culture. Bamboo shoots are low in fat and calories.

9. Bamboo is Is strong Strong and Durable

It is often referred to as the new ‘green steel’ because of its versatility and strength in construction. Bamboo has an astounding strength and lifespan whilst remaining light and easy to carry around. You can be sure about the durability of bamboo products. With proper care, your bamboo-based products can be used time and time again.

10. Bamboo is Is Better for the Air

Bamboo produces more oxygen and absorbs more carbon dioxide than trees. What does it mean? That means that every bamboo shoot is doing its part to combat climate change. This helps save hardwood trees from being logged and, in the long run, protects our dying forests.

11. Bamboo is baby-friendly

Bamboo is perfect next to babies’ delicate skin because it is naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. It can prevent odor, allergies and skin irritations. Besides, it is thermal regulating, which is important since babies have a hard time regulating body temperature when first born.

12. Bamboo is Widely Available

Scientists have identified about 1,450 bamboo species across five continents. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors. You can find natural bamboo plants in several colors, such as blue, black, red, and yellow.

13. Bamboo Is Highly Versatile

Bamboo is being used more and more in a wide range of everyday products. From building materials, flooring, and paper to yoga blocks, clothing, and the softest bedding on the planet. As the popularity of bamboo increases, it’s being used in more and more products.

How bamboo Bamboo Plants Help to Heal the Planet

There are a lot of ways bamboo can help.

• It is one of the few plants that can grow in these areas, but it can also regenerate the topsoil when its nutrient-rich leaves fall off and decompose.
• Regenerating soil and removing toxins. When the soil has been damaged as the result of pollution or even poor farming practices. It can become infertile or even diseased.
• Remove toxins (i.e. mercury, lead) from the soil and trap them inside its stalk where they pose no danger to humans.
• Making the air breathable. Most people know that all plants take in CO2 and emit oxygen during photosynthesis, but you probably didn’t know that bamboo does this four times more effectively than hardwood trees.

Why Choose Bamboo


With all the positive benefits for your baby and the environment, why wouldn’t a parent be excited about this great new line of products? Living a green lifestyle is important for our environment. Take a moment to look at the amazing bamboo products that are available and make the eco-friendly switch today.

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