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Lifetime warranty on every bamboo product our esteemed customers buy


New and improved modern designs specifically сuѕtоmіzеd for уоur daily соnvеnіеnсе and satisfaction.


We соmе from mаnу generations of driven, hard wоrkеrѕ who create handmade unique bamboo products.


Our products are made from the original eco-friendly, renewable, and easy to grow bamboo wood.
“Wood isn’t just what we do, we offer the best wood products carved out of our eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo!”

This is the best part for the consumer, our bamboo wood products are naturally bacteria and pest-resistant. Meaning there is no need for the use of pesticides or any other chemicals in your home and they can easily be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way at the end of its useful life..

Royal Craft Wood – Premium eco-friendly bamboo wood products

At Royal Craft Wood, we bring you the best, most sustainable Bamboo wood products you have ever seen! We specialize in creating eco-friendly bamboo handmade products and merchandise with the coolest and latest designs you have ever seen or heard of. We are dedicated to bringing you bamboo wood products at an affordable price and all the latest designs. We can do this because we work with the highest quality and most skilled artisans in the industry. We соmе from mаnу generations of driven, hard wоrkеrѕ who create handmade unique bamboo products. Stylish, high-quality, luxury woodcraft products are all you need for your household.

Eco-friendly bamboo products for the kitchen

We offer the best high-quality products for your kitchen to give you the opportunity to enjoy the cooking routine even more. Our brand includes bamboo cutting boards in different sizes, cheese boards and drawer organizers to satisfy all your needs in the kitchen.

Bamboo cutting boards

Our luxury organic cutting boards will help you to prepare, chop and cut meat, vegetables, fruits, and even herbs. Why should you choose a bamboo cutting board? Bamboo won’t cause excessive wear and tear to cutlery. Your knife will be sharp longer while the cutting board will stay looking as good as new. We offer cutting boards in different sizes to make your cooking routine pleasant and convenient. Royal Craft Wood cutting boards for your kitchen have deep grooves that catch meat and fruit juices. Your workspace will be clean and well-organized even during the busiest cooking moments. The cutting board is made of sturdy natural wood – there are no chemicals or BPA. Bamboo is a known liquid absorber and bacteria fighter that helps you eat healthily. Moreover, we have a cutting board set that includes a small, medium, and a large board. Take the small board on a trip, use the medium-sized one for small chopping tasks, and the big one during party meal prep. Choose our bamboo cutting boards to discover the next level of cooking now!

Eco-friendly cheese boards

Enjoy new ways of slicing and serving cheese with the Royal Craft Wood bamboo cheese board! The unique crafted design, 100%-organic thick bamboo wood, BPA free, completely safe and natural. This perfect cheese board is all you need for the kitchen.  Bamboo fruit and cheese serving platter is water-resistant and antibacterial. Additional spaces for meat and crackers which makes the board a perfect wine and cheese serving tray for parties. Hosting spectacular events shouldn’t have to take hours of preparation. The new Cheese Board with Cutlery Set is the perfect addition to any home! Get ready to make memories with your friends over a beautiful spread of freshly-cut cheeses, meats, and crackers!It will make a beautiful addition to the kitchen because of the custom bamboo wood and will be used frequently.

Expandable drawer organizer

This kitchen utensil holder is created with an extra compartment to store all your flatware within easy reach. Royal Craft Wood kitchen drawer organizer is produced from organic bamboo trees. The fibers of the tree are not only 100% organic but have an antibacterial effect as well which is good for your utensils. Reinforced base and deep compartments ensure the durability of the flatware drawer organizer and extra space for kitchen utensils. Use every slot in the most efficient way – everything you need close at hand.

Eco-friendly bamboo products for the bathroom

What can be better than a warm bath with bubbles and bath bombs? Treat yourself like royalty with the bathtub caddy which can make every bath routine special. Sturdy, safe and built to last: Royal Craft Wood’s unique bathtub caddy trays are made of the highest quality bamboo wood that is being used only by the most luxurious brands on the market. They are eco-friendly and incomparably durable as they are resistant to water and promise to provide super comfort for life. Five colors of the better bathtub caddy trays are available: black, white, brown, gray and natural. It measures 29½ inches when closed and 43” when fully extended, so no matter your bathtub size, you can effortlessly make it fit!  All are made to fit any decor and style of the bathroom. Perfect as a housewarming, anniversary or birthday gift, the Royal Craft Wood sturdy, and elegant bathtub caddy will undeniably enhance everyone’s bath experience!


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