Cutting Board Organizer for 3 Boards

Cutting Board Organizer for 3 Boards

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Cutting Board Organizer for 3 Boards will arrive to your front door from  to if ordered today!
  • 3-slot cutting board stand mount;
  • Each section measures 0.67” in width to accommodate a variety of chopping surface thicknesses;
  • Comprised of 100% organic bamboo for an eco-friendly design;
  • An aesthetically pleasing way to organize your kitchen equipment;
  • This cute cutting board holder makes for a beautiful addition to your kitchen aesthetic;
  • A space saver, made so you can make the most of your counter, cabinet, and drawer space;
  • Water- & odor-resistant surface;
  • Bamboo’s robust design makes this cutting board organizer a breeze to clean and upkeep;
  • Known & loved for its practical daily functionality.

This item will ensure you get the most out of your kitchen drawer and cabinet storage space, comes especially handy in smaller apartment type spaces. For cooking equipment, this cutting board stand is perfectly suited for daily use! Take full advantage of our rack's lightweight yet compact design to display your love for cooking. A great way to tastefully exhibit your culinary skills and change up your kitchen decor. Finally, a way to efficiently save space all the while maintaining your kitchen's aesthetic.

This cutting board organizer lets you conveniently set your surfaces to dry after each cleaning, further blocking water from seeping in. This allows them to breathe and further lengthens their lifetime. Its sturdy framework has a lovely design and works well as a tabletop decor piece too! Show off your cuisine abilities and develop a warm and pleasant ambiance in your home, as you indulge in the pleasure of a top-grade wood cutting board stand. Try it around in different areas of your kitchen and watch the magic happen! 

This worktop mount was created with our very own cutting board sets in mind. An ideal kitchen equipment storage rack. It's spacious, three slots offer a handy quick-fix storage stand. Keep your boards set and ready to use on-demand when you need them most, so you can cook with both elegance and ease. It's an ideal piece for a variety of uses.

Our organizer doubles as a showcase rack for your beloved Royal Craft Wood work surfaces. Organize your home with an elegant freestanding rack for wooden boards that you use on a regular basis! It's the ideal all-in-one stowaway method for your poultry, seafood, and veggie table tops, holding up to three 0.6" surfaces comfortably while maintaining their shape and ensuring they don't wobble or touch each other. A fashionable addition to personalizing and reviving up your kitchen decor.

We're confident you'll enjoy our cutting board stand and find it to be a fantastic add-on to your cooking equipment and a fashionable ornamental piece! Please feel free to contact us if our wooden stand does not match our online description. We stand confidently by the craftsmanship of our goods and would be glad to refund your money in full, don't hesitate to reach out should you have an issue!


Royal Craft Wood strives to make sure you are entirely satisfied with all of our goods by subjecting our hardwood products to rigorous quality testing measures. We value our clients' trust in us and what we stand for, therefore we offer a one-year insurance policy that can be renewed to two years if you register your wood cutting board stand with our loyalty program within 14 days of purchase.

Created and run by a family who appreciates and values nature! We feel it is our social and moral duty to bring ecologically sustainable products into the home in a way that makes everyday duties easier. If a cutting board holder stand fails to meet the requirements on our page, simply return it as soon as possible within the time frame stated for a FULL refund, no questions asked!

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