About us

Royal Craft Wood was created out of a response to the desire for sustainable goods at an affordable price from an ever evolving consumer market base. Founded by an American family of environmental entrepreneurs seeking to combine their love and passion for nature, food, and people.

At its core, Royal Craft Wood was created with people in mind. Our desire was to generate amazing quality sustainable products at an affordable price for every home. 

About Royal Craft Wood
royal craft wood bamboo

Designed with you in mind

Starting with in-home sketches of each product, we designed and tested each product for its functionality and practicality for everyday use. Intentionally crafted with love to set a distinct pleasing ambient atmosphere unlike no other in your home.

At the heart of Royal Craft Wood consists a unique energy of multinational team members, creating a distinct synergy that cultivates unparalleled innovative designs. Which is why we pride ourselves on high class ingenuity at premium sustainable quality for everyone! 

Our mission

Here at Royal Craft Wood, we aspire for the world to view sustainable products in a new, revolutionary way that might further our efforts for less environmental impact. We chose to respond to the demand for premium sustainable quality products at an affordable price. Which is why we've partnered with skilled, high class artisans to bring you premium grade craftsmanship of naturally refined bamboo. In our efforts of leaving the least amount of impact on the environment we strive for exceptional designs and minimum refining and manufacturing to keep the bamboo as raw and natural as possible.

Our primary focus in doing so being, to create beautifully functional everyday home pieces that you can use and display with pride. Creating aesthetically versatile and durable products to accommodate your every hosting need from our impressive kitchen designs—such as our stunning charcuterie platters, all-purpose cutting boards, and functional kitchen utensil drawer organizers—to our exceptional bathroom amenities.

We strive for a more sustainable tomorrow and believe in cultivating meaningful moments, memorable gatherings, and lasting impressions.

bamboo bathtub caddy tray

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