Cutting board oil

Cutting board oil

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Cutting board oil will arrive to your front door from  to if ordered today!
  • An ideal food grade mineral oil to lather your wooden products in;
  • Penetrates deep into each wood grain fiber for maximum hydration;
  • Nourishes and preserves bamboo’s robust & resilient configuration;
  • Prevents wood from becoming brittle and cracking or warping over time;
  • Enhances bamboo’s naturally beautiful surface & lifetime capacity;
  • Made for quick & easy application with a convenient sprayable function;
  • Multifunctional to serve as a treatment to any and all wooden home gadgets or surfaces;
  • Free Expedited Shipping & 30-day Returns

FOOD GRADE MINERAL OIL: All of the components of our food-safe, food grade mineral oil are natural and trustworthy. For health and reliability concerns we've made sure our hydrating oil was lab tested and approved as a kitchen safe paraffin that won't rub off on your fruits, veggies, or meats when preparing your next meal.

NATURAL CLEAR DESIGN: This chopping block lubricant has been thoroughly tested for quality assurance and was strategically designed to be translucent, odorless, and flavorless. This food grade mineral oil for cutting boards can be used on a variety of different materials, to both hydrate and nourish your wood grain, making your culinary chopping boards, wooden knives, and other appliances shine.

Mineral oil for cutting boards advantages

IDEAL FOR ALL-ROUND KITCHEN USE: An all-inclusive natural wood oil that can be used on just about any surface! Our bamboo oil preserves the original characteristics of your hardwood butchering slabs, ensuring that they will last for coming years. It was made to provide nourishment to your bamboo kitchen, bathroom, and home products such as cookware, serving dishes, culinary utensils, cabinet/drawer dividers, bath caddies, and more. This product is designed to keep the surface of your wooden products from wearing out and flaking.

FIXED SPRAY APPLICATION: It can be difficult to find the correct hydrating lubricants for wooden products. That is why using our oil for cooking work surfaces is important! Being the bamboo aficionados that we are, our Royal Craft Wood team knows what it takes to keep your bamboo looking stunning for years! Which is why we've created this food-grade remedy that is suitable for practically every household wooden surface or appliance, ensuring that you get the most out of your sustainable investment. Simply spritz and wipe the chosen area with a cloth, lathering it over the edges generously. Then let it sit for 24 hours before using it again.

JUST THE RIGHT TREATMENT: Our mineral oil for bamboo cutting board thick and lubricating viscosity adequately moisturizes and preserves your hardwood household appliances. This cutting board conditioning oil was designed to treat a range of textures and is guaranteed to keep your hardwood household appliances and cutleries looking pristine for years. Its applications are endless, use it on your office drawer dividers, shower caddies, wooden soap holder basins, and more!

Nature safe food grade mineral oil

ECO IS THE MOST: At Royal Craft Wood, our team sets the bar high through rigorous testing techniques to ensure your happiness. We cherish our customers' trust and feel that all purchases should be safe. We feel it is our social and moral responsibility to bring ecological goods into the home in a way that enables ordinary household tasks to become easier. Run and managed by a family that appreciates and values planet Earth!

Package Size LxWxH
7.72 x 3.23 x 1.97 inches
Item Weight
10.5 ounces
Made For
Bamboo & wood kitchen utensils
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  • Length (inches)7.72
  • Width (inches)3.23
  • Height (inches)1.97
  • Weight (oz)10.5
  • MaterialMineral Oil

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