How to take care of bamboo cutting board sets & maintain their look

Bamboo has surfaced as the leading sustainable product for home and kitchen use as of late. This is thanks to its naturally dense and durable, anti-bacterial, and organic structure. Like all kitchen and home appliances, however, the usual maintenance and care are still required to ensure the lifespan of your bamboo product. The question then is: How to care bamboo cutting board? There are a few ways to go about caring for your bamboo cutting tray, so we’ve compiled a few basic know-how guidelines to get you going and keep your bamboo cutting board in tip-top shape.

Proper bamboo cutting board maintenance

It’s no secret that wood craves moisture. That’s why food-grade mineral oil is often used with bamboo cutting trays, cheese boards, and serving platters. Before initial usage, it’s always a good idea to coat the wooden fibers with mineral oil to lubricate them and ensure optimal use.

With a focus on sustainable bamboo goods, we know a thing or two about extending the life of your items. As a general tip, we recommend reapplying oil at least once a month; this will prevent the bamboo from getting infected with germs from daily handling. We suggest applying the oil evenly over the area using a hot cotton cloth rag to ensure thorough lathering and hydration. When applying the oil, use long, sweeping strokes to apply it thoroughly and generously. When finished, let the board sit for about twenty-five minutes to dry and absorb the oil before wiping it off with a clean cloth.

Additionally, for optimum performance, it is recommended that you clean your board after each use, just like you would any other kitchen equipment. Simply wash with warm water and a little soap and set to dry (note that bamboo products are NOT dishwasher safe). Lathering in mineral oil ever so often will help it maintain its structure and natural beauty. Finally, ensure that the chemicals included in the finishing product are safe for use in food preparation. Check out our food-grade mineral oil for assured optimal grain nutrition and maintenance of your Royal Craft Wood items.

How much oil should I apply?

oil for cutting board

When applying, do so liberally; there’s no right amount, and the quantity varies depending on the size of your board. However, a good reference guide to keep in mind is that a typical cutting board requires about 3-4 teaspoons to treat its entire surface. To avoid germ build-up in deep juice grooves where meat and fruit juices are absorbed, make sure you massage the oil into the cutting board from the outer edges inwards. This prevents cross-contamination by basically “clogging” the pores of the hardwood fibers.

What are the benefits of using Mineral Oil? 

Proper care and use of mineral oil will preserve your product’s natural oils and shape by keeping its wood fibers hydrated. As mentioned earlier, doing so will block germ built up from blood and moisture when prepping food from seeping into the board. The purpose of board oil is to saturate the wooden fibers well enough that your board is not prone to soaking up any liquids that might cause cross-contamination. 

Types of mineral oil

Mineral oil, also known as liquid paraffin, is a non-toxic, non-drying, colorless, odorless, and flavorless oil obtained from petroleum. Readily available, mineral oil can be bought at your local convenience store and pharmacy. Alternatives that work just as well are Beeswax, Coconut oil, and Sunflower oil, among others, due to their high saturated fat content, which layers the board and ensures a reliable, smooth, and anti-bacterial surface. Note that coconut oil is among the best treatments for bamboo or wooden cutting boards due to its high resistance to rancidity.

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To Conclude:

How to take care of bamboo cutting board sets and other natural, sustainable products is essential to know. Knowing how to care for bamboo cutting board kitchen appliances for daily use is relatively easy if you follow our instructions. We hope our step-by-step guide will help get you on your way so that you might enjoy your beautiful pieces for many more years to come.

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