Looking for the best place to buy bamboo products in bulk? We have something to please you - join our program!

Bamboo Products Wholesale

Our Offer Will Be Suitable For: 
Online retailers
: Unique, eco-friendly bamboo products are a great opportunity to increase the income of your online store!

Corporate parties: Please attendees with useful and functional gifts from Royal Craft Wood.

Employee Gifts: Products for office and home will be a great gift for your employees, regardless of the holiday!

Home goods stores and supermarkets: Give your customers the opportunity to touch our products and ensure their quality.

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bamboo products wholesale

Bamboo Wholesale Products

Have Any Questions? Here you can get answers on our bamboo products wholesale programm. 

How many products do I need to buy to participate in your bamboo wholesale products program: Generally, our bulk order starts at 100. Specify the required quantity of goods so that we can form a wholesale order for you.

Can I order custom products?  Our company currently does not provide an opportunity to make a custom order. We sincerely hope that this opportunity will come soon as we grow steadily. In any case, you can leave your application: info@royalcraftwood.com Perhaps we can help you!

Do you send samples? Yes, we are ready to send you samples. Beforehand we must persuade in seriousness of your intentions to become our partner.

I’d like to make an order, how could I get a quote? If you want to order bamboo products wholesale, please,fill the special form

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