Bamboo vs timber: why bamboo decor is so popular? Best ideas for you

Bamboo Decor 

When it comes to home design products that are strong, sustainable, affordable, and stylish, it’s hard to ignore bamboo. Nowadays, bamboo is not just for floors. It is widely promoted as an eco-friendly product for a wide range of items: from flooring and furniture to housewares, and clothing.

Why it is so popular

Bamboo continues to become more popular as a sustainable building material. Therefore, consumers are able to choose products in a range of finishes. For example natural and neutrals or bold colors. Bamboo is a renewable resource compared with other woods. It grows without chemicals and can be woven into soft fabrics. That is what definitely makes bamboo a popular choice for “green” sheets and towels. Actually, the price of bamboo is often comparable to organic cotton. Bamboo is a very solid, strong, and hard material. It is resistant to water absorption. Which is why it does not tend to swell, shrink, or warp. These characteristics make bamboo an ideal material for bathroom decor and cupboards in kitchens. Bamboo is also very easy to install. Why? It is extremely light to carry. Moreover, bamboo often mounted with hooks instead of screws.

Reasons why bamboo flooring is better

Timber floors are one of the most popular types available today. They are almost everywhere: in homes, restaurants, gyms, and even office buildings. Wood is affordable, easy to maintain, durable, and good looking. Bamboo flooring and hardwood are alike in a lot of ways. But bamboo also offers many advantages over the traditional wood options.

1. It is widely available

The major advantage over timber is that there is always a rich supply of bamboo. It is actually a relative of grass and grows extremely quickly, meanwhile, the wood must be processed.

2. It is an environmentally-friendly renewable source

As we have already mentioned, it takes most hardwood trees 15 times longer than bamboo to reach the appropriate harvesting age. The negative impact on the local ecosystem is much greater when forests are cut down for timber. The reason is that those trees won't come back for another six or seven decades.

3. It is unique and stylish

Of course, the form is just as important as function. With bamboo, you get the best of both worlds. Traditional bamboo has its unique light-gold color and the horizontal lines displayed on its outermost layer. Bamboo flooring also comes in richer, darker shades. It looks very stylish!

4. It is stronger than most wood

Bamboo survived Hiroshima! When in 1945, Hiroshima suffered nuclear bombings, bamboo was the only plant that survived the terrible disaster. While other plants and trees died, a bamboo grove survived. So, do you still have any doubts?

5. It is priced equal to or even less than timber

Bamboo flooring is an excellent alternative! It features many of the same benefits while bringing others to the table. Fortunately, the prices are very similar. You can normally buy bamboo for two to five dollars per square foot. Note: more exotic bamboos will cost around eight dollars per square foot. However, compared with rare woods, bamboo is much less expensive.

Bamboo decor ideas

Delicate and sensible in approach, smooth in texture, warm and calm in tones, bamboo wood is a perfect choice. We put together more epic and awesome decor ideas for you!

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