25 Christmas gift ideas for parents

Beyond giving you life, your parents have given you a whole lot else over the years. But still, buying Mom and Dad individual gifts is a big effort. If you want to cut your workload in half and get them a gift together (or even if you want to get them gifts separately), look no further. We rounded up the 25 best gifts for parents from new tech to unique food.

All good Christmas gift ideas for parents

Nobody is more deserving of a token of appreciation around the holidays than a parent. It’s stuffed with the cool, new, crafty, pretty, yummy, and sweet-and-sappy goodies are all winning Christmas gift ideas for older parents.

Alpaca throw

A luxe, cozy throw blanket will be a welcome addition to your family movie nights over the holidays.

cheese board

Bamboo cheese board

If your parents like to invite guests and make parties, this is the best gift! A bamboo cheese board has a classic and unique design that can impress all the guests. A cheese platter will become even fancier! Your mom will be extremely happy, just believe us!

Countertop composter

If they’ve been trying to go green for a while, this stylish countertop composter will certainly give them a push in the right direction.

Instant pot 7-in-1 pressure cooker

Now your parents shouldn’t cook so much as they used to when you were young! Just help them to make their life easier! Get them an Instant Pot, which practically does all of the work for them.

Bathtub caddy tray

Great present! Designed to offer an unparalleled experience of luxury and serenity, a bath tray is going to take a relaxing bath a unique experience thanks to its versatile design, heavy-duty construction, and convenient holders.

Super-plush robe

If they prefer to relax all day, a set of matching, plush bathrobes will have them lounging in luxury. It is a good gift in addition to the next variant of a present.

Silk travel neck pillow & eye mask set

If your parents are constantly jet setting, this set will have them snoring on airplanes in style. We suggest you buy two, unless they like to take turns napping.

UGG slippers

Explore a variety of luxuriously soft options for home, from the top name in cozy. The best for those who you love! Comfortable, soft and extremely warm for cozy winter evenings!

cutting board set of 3

A set of cutting boards

It's not a simple gift. The great cutting boards set will make a cooking routine easier and more pleasant. Our bamboo cutting board set is a brilliant tool for those who love cooking. You can perform all kitchen tasks from small chopping to meal prep on these carving and cutting boards. Enjoy your cooking routine with Royal Craft Wood and the best cutting board sets.

Google Home smart speaker

For the parents who are plugged in, get a smart home device to make their daily routines run smoothly. Google Home also allows different user profiles, so they can share it with ease.

The wooden eyeglasses holder

Now they don’t have to keep wondering where they put their glasses! This one is hand-carved and it is pretty cheap.

My family cookbook

From grandma's lasagna to mom's Bundt cake, every family has recipes that take them back to the kitchen in an instant. Pass these special moments on to future generations with My Family Cookbook, a completely customizable recipe book.

The customized photo heart framed wall art

If you’re looking to sidestep the ‘same-old’ type of presents that everyone is getting this season, why not go the personalized route?

Drawer organizer

A silverware organizer can be placed in drawers of all sizes - it is adjustable so that fits like a glove. It will keep everything your parents want. Stylish, convenient to use, and absolutely eco-friendly.

Muscle massager

If your parents have sore muscles, aches, and pains this just may give them a new life! This is the one that the professional athletes use, the massager can be used by regular folks too. This is the best present for every person, especially for parents.

An Apple iPad

The latest top-selling iPad from Apple was just released and at a really affordable price too. Let them get online and stay in touch with you from the comfort of their couch!

The DIY chocolate truffles kit

Your mom will cook, and your dad will eat! Perfect plan :) Now they can make a box of super delicious chocolate truffles right in their very own home with this pretty easy to follow kit. It comes with just about everything they’d need!

The iRobot braava robot mop

At their age (or any age) do you really want them to have to bust their back by mopping?! This powerful little guy will mop and sweep tile floors, hardwood floors, and is perfect for your kitchen, bathroom, and other must-clean places too.

Super-soft jogger sweatpants

Cozy clothes are always good gifts for parents. These sweats are stretchy and soft but still look pretty sleek. They’re also fast-drying and moisture-wicking, so they’re just as great for activity as they are for lounging around in.

4-slice toaster

A relatively small and compact 4 slice toaster that will fit well on a kitchen counter without occupying too much space. Pressing the lift lever, the pop-up toaster rack allows for easily warming of buns, pastries, croissants, rolls, etc. The toaster will stay cool to the touch while toasting, no longer worrying about the burning fingers.

A radio Bluetooth turntable record player

Seriously, how cool is this record player!? It’s updated with a modern twist…Bluetooth, so they can also play their favorite digital songs on this one too. All those old records they have stored in the basement can now be played again!

The kitchen essentials herb planters

Awesome gift ideas for parents who love fresh herbs but do not have a garden to grow anything. A simple, passive hydroponic system brings nutrients up to the plants' roots while regulating moisture—no guesswork (in fact, not much work, time)—necessary. The frosted bottom half helps prevent direct sunlight from reaching the roots. Plant the organic seeds, put water in the reservoir, place the jar in a sunny window or under a grow light, and get growing. Choose basil, parsley, or cilantro.

Home security camera

This weatherproof camera has 2-year battery life and cloud storage, plus it has motion detection that you can hook up to your phone or tablet to get an alert when something sets it off. They’ll feel better having it and, to be honest, you’ll feel better knowing they’re safe and that no one is stealing their deliveries off their front porch!

The Hello Fresh Food subscription box

Because parents who cook together, stay together. We think. Either way, why not give them food once, twice, or three times a week where all the ingredients show up at their door and all they have to do is follow the simple recipe and enjoy!

The Amazon Fire TV Stick Streaming Media Player

Now they can binge-watch all the shows they’re obsessing over. This one now has an Alexa voice remote and over 10,000 channels, 500,000 movies, and more.

The best Christmas presents for parents

The best gifts for parents are the ones that they never knew they needed. Whether you're finding gifts for Mom or trying to find gifts for Dads who have everything, these gifts for parents will help you with everyone on your shopping list.

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