How To Store And Organize Spices And Herbs In Your Kitchen

Similar to many products with restricted shelf lives, spices need proper storage to make sure they will still be useful when you need them. Spices go stale quickly; thus, correct storing and organization of spices and herbs in your kitchen is absolutely crucial.

To make your life more comfortable in the kitchen, we have made a list of brilliant ideas for organizing and storing spices.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Storing Dry Spices and Herbs

Spices are the essential taste-makers in any food. You can’t just throw your spices in the back of your cabinet and heat them over a pan when you need to use them. That won’t work.

Even though you can keep them and use them for a long period of time, it requires proper storage ideas for spices.

When considering storage ideas for spices, there are a few do’s and don’ts that you need to keep in mind. Make sure you consider these when storing your dry spices and herbs.

Don’t Dump Spices over a Hot Pan

Experts and chefs highly recommend not to toss spices over a hot pan. Spices need to be kept dry to give the right flavor to the food. When spices are dumped over a hot pan, they get steamed. That steam can cake-up the spice (or moldy in worst cases), ruining both its texture and flavor.

Therefore, you mustn’t store spices or even storage boxes for spices over a hot pan. Instead, store them somewhere dry and always shake the storage jars, and use a spoon. Take the amount needed for the dish accordingly. This will prevent the rest of your spice from going stale for a long time.

Don’t Use a Wet Spoon to Measure the Spices

This point relates to point number one, where it is stressed not to moisten your spice. Moisture is a major no for spices because you need to keep them dry.

It sure sounds convenient to get any spoon straight off the counter to scoop out some cumin, but you must take an additional second to ensure it’s a dry one. In case it isn’t, take another second out to quickly wipe it off.

Spices are expensive, and throwing an entire container because it’s solidified is a misfortune we want for nobody.

Do Store Your Spices in Opaque Containers

We get that organizing spices in clear transparent colorful jars looks aesthetic and makes the counter look vibrant, but we strongly advise to store your spices in opaque containers.

The opaque containers for storing spices preserve the flavors and freshness of the spices for a longer period. So keep them in accurately labeled opaque jars to prevent them from aging quickly.

Besides, like many oils, spices go bad if exposed to excessive and continuous light. The opaque containers would serve this purpose as well.

Be Cautious About Your Spice Storage Place

Now you know that light and heat are a big no for your spices as they make the spices lose their potency fast. So you must be very careful of the place where you keep your spice jars.

Make sure that your spice rack is not on your windowsill or anywhere near your stove or oven. Find a cool and dark cabinet for your spices, and the location shouldn’t be near to a window or stove. A cabinet that isn’t subjected to frequent temperature fluctuations is the way to go.

So, find that ideal cabinet in your kitchen and store your spices there!

Do Check Your Spices Often

You are storing your spices in a cool and dry cabinet, but that doesn’t mean you need to make that cabinet a dark abyss. It is advised to check and clean your spice cabinet frequently.

Clean your spice cabinet at least once a month and get rid of spices that have gone bad. Keeping a clean and properly organized space will also motivate you to use them frequently.

You would also know exactly what is needed and won’t end up buying multiple jars of the same spice. It will save both your time and money.

5 Best Storage Ideas for Spices and Herbs

If someone goes in your pantry searching for a spice, would they be able to find it?

Well, they should be!

Make sure you don’t embarrass yourself by having proper storage jars for spices nicely organized. This will save the end minute hassle of finding the spice and would also save you from embarrassment.

There are numerous ways of storing your spices and keeping your kitchen organized. With the rapid growth in the market, businesses have come up with many storage ideas for spices.

All kinds of drawers, cabinets, and racks are now available to keep your spices organized. Let’s discuss some.

bamboo spice rack

Pull-out Spice Organizer

In case you’re an experimental cook who gathers a ton of spices, the best spice storage idea for you might be a draw out zest organizer. It can oblige a more significant number of containers and can be consistently incorporated into your kitchen’s stylistic layout.

The best thing about this storage choice is that you can put your store-bought spices and herbs in it without moving them over into discrete containers.

Contingent upon the size of a draw-out rack or cabinet, you can hope to fit somewhere in the range of 10 and 30 spice containers. However, a few have layered racks with more extensive bases to store significantly more herbs and spices.

Magnetized and Gripper Options

A more affordable choice for somebody with a more modest spice assortment is a spice gripper rack that attaches to a cabinet door (inside) and permits you to stack your herbs and spices in a kitchen cupboard.

This way, you can see all the labels immediately while also freeing up the counter space. You can put store-bought spices right onto these grippers.

For a more innovative and fun way to deal with spice storage, a magnetic spice coordinator accompanies attractive containers you use to transfer spices from store-bought containers.

You can then cleverly place the containers (on the container board) on different appliances, kitchen backsplash, below the cupboard, or mount them to a divider by buying an extra steel divider base. Your flavors will consistently be within your arms reach when you’re cooking, and they’ll add style to your kitchen.

Traditional Spice Rack

This again is a very fun way of storing spices; it is both traditional and chic. You can get a traditional spice rack for your kitchen that won’t only look aesthetic in display but will also keep all your spices nicely assorted.

Like pull-out spice organizer and magnetic storage tins, a traditional spice rack can also accommodate both store-bought spices and ready-to-fill jars. You can put the rack in your pantry or use the rack tier and attach it to one of your cabinets. This way, you will also be able to save some space.

The traditional spice rack can typically hold between 20-25 spice jars. So you can easily organize all your spices.

Caddy Spice Rack

In case you’re somebody who simply adheres to the basics with regards to spices, a more modest, less difficult organizer will be the best option for you.

A caddy spice rack that rotates is ideal for holding 10 to 15 flavors that you use often. You can keep them somewhere on your kitchen counter for simple access while you cook.

However, one thing that you need to know is that the majority of these racks require that you transfer spices over from store-bought bottles to small jars. You can’t just simply put the store-bought spice in the rack.

Pull Out Drawer

A pull out drawer is another way to store spices. In your kitchen, label one drawer as your spice store and organize all your spices in that one drawer. Make compartments in the drawer and divide your spices in terms of basic, Indian, Italian, etc.

Now, whenever you go to the store and buy any spice container, come home and put the store-bought spice jar in the right drawer compartment. And there you have it, your in-kitchen spice store.

It is an excellent option for people who are into cooking and need all spices in one place. This pull-out drawer will free up your counter space and will also save your time in getting the right spice out.

More Creative Ideas for Organizing Spices and Herbs

If you think the storage ideas for spices mentioned above won’t work for you and you into something more unique and creative, don’t worry! There are still many options and ways in which you can store your spices.

You can use your creativity and can make your very own storage space and containers for storing spices. You can simply make use of things at home and put a nicely organized spice store.

Following are a few ideas that can help you start thinking about what you can do to organize your spice and herbs.

Old Trays

Trays are a common kitchen item and are usually available in more than one quantity. However, you generally don’t use them together unless there is a big gathering at your place. So why let them sit and occupy space the whole year when you can creatively make use of them?

Take out your old trays and mount them to the wall. Now use a small wooden shelf to put across the middle to give it a rack look. Take out your spices, label them, put them in similar jars (optional) and organize them nicely on your DIY spice rack!

Vintage Soda Crate

A vintage soda crate can serve in many ways. Get a clean vintage soda crate and mount it to the wall. If you like, you can paint it and do some art to make it more appealing.

The square compartments in the Soda box are the perfect size for your spice and herb containers. Organize your spices accordingly, and make sure to put a label on top of each jar or box lid. This way, you’ll be able to easily take out what you need.

Premium Bamboo Spice Organizer

The premium bamboo spice organizer by Royal Wood Craft is also a highly recommended item. It is a 4-tier spice organizer in a drawer for the best and easiest storage and organization of your favorite spices.

The water-resistant, eco-friendly organizer provides extra space for optimal storage and organization of your spices, making it ideal for an extensive spice collection. The built-in angled shelves and tiered design makes it easy to spot the right bottle, making food prep quick and efficient.

What’s more, the modern spice organizer is made up of 100% organic bamboo and is anti-microbial and odor proof. It is literally an ideal and stylish spice organizer for any kitchen.

Herbs and Spices Storing FAQs

How Long Can You Store Spices?

The longevity and shelf life of your spice is directly proportional to how you are preserving it. If you keep your spices in ideal conditions, such as away from moisture and light, your spices and herbs can live long, fragrant lives. The dried spices and herbs will be good for use for about 1 year. Similarly, Ground spices will keep for 1 year as well. Whole spices, however, if kept under ideal condition, can keep for 3 years.

How to Revive the Flavor of Aging Spices?

To revive your spices, all you have to do is shake them nicely, put them in a skillet on medium heat, and toast them. Do not dump the entire jar over the heated pan. Take the amount you need to use and heat it slightly. It’s most effective for whole spices such as mustard seeds, cloves, and cardamom, but it can also aid in bringing out the flavor in ground spices as well.

How Do You Categorize Spices?

There are several ways in which you can categorize your spices.

Alphabetical Organization

This is one easy method regardless of the storage arrangement you select. All you need is to begin from left to right and put the spice jars in alphabetical order. You can even work with a round turntable by choosing a starting point. Now spin around alphabetizing as you go.

Some larger articles may not fit the rack, but you can always store such items alphabetically organized separately or opt for the other categorization tips.

Organize by the Type of Use

You can also classify spices depending on the kind of food they go in. If you do different types of cooking frequently, for example, baking or barbecuing, this method is for you.

All you need is to store the spices in specific separate storage units near the barbecue or baking stuff. This organization will save your time as you will have all your needed supplies for a specific cooking type in one place.

Organize by Categories

You can categorize them by spicy or mild or by savory and sweet, or you may want to separate your spices into categories as simple as “frequently use” to “barely use.”
This style of organizing spices works best for an individual who works in the kitchen alone.

Spice organization can be done in tons of ways. Whatever makes sense to you is how you categorize them.

Storage of Spices and Herbs

To conclude, storing and organizing spices and herbs is essential to preserve them better. Keep in mind the do’s and don’ts and use the storage idea for spices that suits you well. We hope that you will be able to make the most out of your kitchen and spices.

Happy Cooking!

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