25 Cheap Christmas Gifts Ideas For Friends

We're well aware that the price tags on some Christmas giftsand stocking stuffers can be downright scary. Fifty dollars for a pair of socks? Thanks, but no thanks. That's why we've compiled this list of the best cheap Christmas gifts on the market that you can buy right now. They may be budget-friendly, but these cute cheap christmas gifts for friends are still incredibly delightful.

100 movies scratch off poster

Of course, we have a lot of cheap best friend Christmas gift ideas. But this poster is also fun enough! Take a deep dive into movie magic with this poster that invites you to screen 100 iconic films.

Bathtub caddy tray

For those friends who love spa, relaxing rest and prefer bathing in the tub for hours. This bamboo bathtub caddy tray is not extremely expensive, but it's worth every dollar! This tray will help your friend to experience the new SPA at home.

Mini waffle maker

Who doesn't like waffles for breakfast? Or dinner, whatever :) perfect to have on hand for delicious waffles at any time. Compact design so it's easy to store when not in use. It includes a recipe guide to get your friend started.

Cutting boards set

If your friend loves cooking, it is the best gift idea! The stylish and eco-friendly smooth bamboo cutting boards of different sizes will help to be a master in the kitchen. This cutting board set is perfect for any kitchen task!

Zodiac jewelry dish

All you need to know is their birthday to nail this gift. A customized jewelry dish is cute and functional.

Mini huggable cooling + heating pad

Microwave this Lil pad or pop it in the freezer for soothing vibes whenever your friend needs them. Small size is perfect for targeted comfort. Filled with natural buckwheat grains and lavender for a refreshing ritual. For a friend who loves SPA and relaxes at home :)

A card game

The card game for a friend who loves playing! ‘Who's most likely to game’ is a fun card game for all friends on Friday evening. Decide who would be "most likely to..." ranging from "wake up with half a burrito in bed" to "go out if they didn't have to get off the couch" and listen as they try to defend themselves. Everyone is both a valiant winner and a total loser with this game. Funny!


This delicate gold necklace looks WAY more expensive than it is. Delicate, stylish and extremely fancy! Metal beaded necklace in a short silhouette that shows off its mini star charm. Available in gold or silver.

Cheese board

For those friends who love to host parties! Whether your friend needs a charcuterie board for picnic or a serving tray for wine and cheese night, this versatile cheese board will spruce up any event! Due to the non-absorbent and odor-free surface, your friend will never have to worry about crackers tasting like blue cheese.

A mug

Does your friend have pets? Or, maybe, he or she loves dance. Is your friend a yoga lover?A custom mug will be a great sign for your friends that you know them best. Maybe, the yoga lover will see herself in this mug, and maybe even find the inspiration she needs to finally nail crow pose.

Vintage succulents puzzle

Face masks, hand sanitizer, and a good pair of sweats, this is a gift everyone could use in 2020.

A book about astrology

If astrology is her love language, then she'll turn to this colorful guide to learn more about how her zodiac sign plays a part in her relationships — romantic or otherwise. Who knows, she may even learn something that'll deepen your friendship.

Hand sanitizer

This is one single gift you can guarantee they won't return. You can give a lot of them, if you want, to make a really useful gift :)

Small leather crossbody

Your friend can fit all of the essentials in this best-selling crossbody bag, available now on Amazon. It also comes in 28 different colors, so you can match a style with any of these designs.

Bamboo drawer organizer

The great tool for every person who loves to be organized everywhere. A silverware organizer can be placed in drawers of all sizes – it is adjustable so that it fits like a glove. From kitchen to bathroom, organize everything and be stylish easily! It is one of the greatest cheap Christmas gifts for best friends!

Friends keychain

Take your friend’s fandom wherever you and your bestie go with this little character keychain that makes every day "the one where..." Sold in assorted characters and designs - you can choose one at random for your friend!

Sushi making kit

If you and your partner have been trying out new things in the kitchen, give him or her this sushi making kit. It's the best way to get them started as an amateur sushi chef. Now, Friday night will be more fun!

Coconut and hibiscus hand and body scrub

For your bestie! If she loves every girl’s spa rituals, it is a perfect gift. Great skin is the best gift for every girl, isn’t it?

AirPod case

Give your friend an adorable silicone case. It will help protect an AirPods from any bumps or drops that can happen in life. The case also helps to improve an AirPods cuteness by 100%.

Gua sha tool

It may not look like much, but this little gem is the secret to full facial relaxation. Your bestie will be extremely happy with this gift, because your face and skin will be extremely elastic and young without any wrinkle :)

Cell Phone stand

Not only does this sleek stand keep their texts, videos, and other apps in clear view, but it frees up valuable desk space. No tangled cords and wires here. The must-have for everyone!

jewerly box organizer

Bamboo storage box set

The 5-piece wooden organizer allows more organization and storage of your items. Your friend can use it in the bathroom, kitchen, office, and enjoy clean and neatly arranged living spaces. Manage any mess easily by organizing stuff in the bamboo storage bin. This product is a must-have for any lady to deal with accessories, makeup items, and jewelry!

Meal subscription

A great gift for 2020! If they've talked about cooking more in the year ahead, look no further than a subscription from Hello Fresh. Each week, they'll send a box of meals straight to their door, along with easy-to-follow instructions.

Dumpling light

Whether your friend loves dumplings or anything that's downright adorable, such little light will brighten up any room (in more ways than one). Cute but useful gift :)

Magnetic wristband for holding screws

The handiest person in your life needs to get their hands, wrist, on one of these. It's magnetic, so all of their tools will stay together while they build and repair.

All good cheap Christmas gift ideas for friends

Once you're done buying gifts for your parents, your girlfriend, your pup, your entire friend group, and every single one of your cousins, your bank account is going to be in some serious trouble. Thankfully, a high price tag doesn't necessarily equate to a good gift. In fact, there are a ton of super cheap Christmas gifts for best friends that cost less than $20, but will have the recipient positively *screaming* on Christmas morning.

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