The holiday season is almost here. So, it’s time to hunt down the best gifts for every member of your family and friends. Buying the perfect gift sounds like a lot of pressure. But it's all in the way you approach it.  We put together some cool ideas for everyone who you love!

Gifts for men

   Why are men so hard to shop for? We know it can be complicated, and new socks or underwear are not an option for this holiday (cause you already bought it for Thanksgiving :) ). Don’t worry, we have great ideas for you!

   If your man loves to hang out with his friends and drink some beer. Or maybe he loves games? Cool, we found a great gift for him: Beerpoly! You need to to complete a series of beer challenges, which include a rhyming competition and dance battle. Now you can invite his friends and have fun altogether!

   Personalized leather wallet. Help your man feel unique and very special.  With a personalized leather wallet, you can do that.

   Is he a big boss? Does he have a lot of plans and meetings everyday? If so, the cool bullet journal will be the perfect match for the busy person on your list!

   A virtual world! He can enter the world of virtual reality with a durable yet soft headset. Much more fun and creativity, exactly what he needs.

   An adult sled. Perfect for those who love winter sport activities. Are you planning a winter vacation? If so,what are you waiting for?  This sled is a greatest idea for sports lovers!

Gift ideas for women

   Show your wife or girlfriend just how much you love her by treating her to something she might never buy for herself.

   Cordless and Rechargeable Hair Iron. Believe us, it will be an awesome gift for creating her on-the-go style. She can take it to the gym, work, or traveling. Tip for you: choose an iron that can reach temperatures up to 400 degrees and hold a charge for around 45 minutes at the highest setting.

   Earrings. These sparkly studs are perfect for a night out or for a day at the office.   When you are shopping for someone special, you should search for great and  unique earrings for women that will suit any occasion.

   What makes a better gift than a bottle of perfume? Picking out the perfect gift is hard, but if you know her favorite scent, it becomes a whole lot easier.

   A good night's sleep is incredibly important for your health. In fact, it’s just as important as eating healthy and exercising. So, the silk eye mask will be not only stylish and a super cool gift, but also useful.Show how much you care for her health and quality of sleep :)

   Shaker Bottle. If your woman is fond of sports, leads a healthy lifestyle or goes to the gym, it will be the perfect gift for her. She can mix protein shakes, smoothies, and supplements. Choose a cool design, or one in her favourite color, add a sweet gift card and voila - you are the perfect man all over the world!

Gifts for mom and dad

  It’s time to pick up presents for your parents. This holiday season, forget socks and ties, and surprise Dad with a gift he will truly love. Whether he's a food lover, a music fanatic, or a bookworm, there's bound to be something on our list of gift ideas for dad to make him feel extra special! Finding the perfect gift for Mom is a challenge too! That's why we put together this list of some of our favorite must-have gifts for the most important people in your life this Christmas.

   We know it can be really hard not to buy one for yourself. This bamboo bath caddy has adjustable arms, a smartphone slot, a wine glass holder, and a book stand. Imagine how much "me" time mom can get with this little treasure! P.S. your Dad will also love ‘me’ time, but shh, it’s a secret :)

   Imagine: cold winter mornings, your parents in the kitchen drinking hot coffee or tea. Using your awesome gift – a coffee machine! Isn’t it cool? Mom will be thrilled to make a one-touch espresso or latte with her new stylish coffee machine. And dad will definitely  enjoy every cup of coffee.

   Air purifier is a great gift for everyone who cares for their health. Of course, you want to see your parents healthy and happy, but poor air quality can cause some unpleasant diseases. So, it will be the greatest gift which shows how much you care and love them.

   Smartwatch. Even when phones aren’t in reach, they can make and take calls with an integrated speaker and microphone. Also a smartwatch allows them to respond to texts and access game scores, headlines, and playlists. Plus, it keeps track of workouts and monitors heart rate for dads and moms who love to work out. Perfect match!

   Are your parents going on a trip soon? They need great lightweight luggage. It should be not only stylish, but very spacious with a lot of compartments to put all their belongings in!


Best friend gifts

   Hello,lucky one! If you have a best friend, you are fortunate indeed. You and your bestie know everything about each other, right?  But we know how complicated the mission ‘perfect present’ can be.

   Therefore we are here to help. Royal Craft Wood has some really awesome and creative ideas that definitely will make excellent gifts for best friends.

   A scratch-off world map. The perfect gift for everyone who loves travelling! It’s wonderful for keeping track of the countries/states/provinces your bestie has traveled to and this is the perfect way to see what next adventure he or she needs to head off to. Moreover, it's a great gift to understand countries and locations, but also to allow them to dream and as your friend begins their travels, to remind them of where they have been.

   A handy little popcorn maker! It’s our favorite idea for a gift. Just imagine how cool it will be: the perfect snack every time you guys decide to watch a movie at home (best home party is waiting :))

   Is your friend a coffee lover? Yay! So, the cold-brew maker is your perfect match! It'll help your bestie get their morning pick-me-up right out of the fridge.

   A portable Bluetooth mini printer! Awesome,right? Having the ability to print your pictures wherever you go, isn’t it a dream? Just connect a smartphone or tablet via Wi-fi and voila! Instagram pics turn into IRL framed beauties.

   Does your best friend love to relax with at home spa baths? Bamboo Bathtub Caddy is newly designed, unique, durable, and adjustable to give her the most relaxing experience.

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