Bamboo Cutting Board Set of 5

Bamboo Cutting Board Set of 5

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Set Of 5 Durable Bamboo Cutting Boards

5 CUTTING BOARDS FOR ANY KITCHEN TASK. A bamboo cutting board set is all you need to enjoy your cooking routine and complete all kitchen tasks easily. Different sizes of bamboo cutting boards allow you to use them on a trip or at home for both small chopping tasks and large tasks during party meal prep. 5 cutting boards for your kitchen will be enough to cook everything you want. 5 optimal sizes: 20"x14"x0.75", 18"x12"x0.75", 15"x10"x0.6", 12"x8"x0.6", 9”x 6”x 0.6”;

MULTI-USE CARVING BOARD SET WITH SIDE HANDLES. Use the wooden cutting boards set for cutting and chopping tasks. Our large cutting board set has side handles, therefore it is extremely convenient to use them as a cheese board and a platter to serve cheese and charcuterie - comfortable to carry with an eye-catching design. It is better to use different cutting boards for meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits.

KNIFE-FRIENDLY set of cutting boards. Smooth and solid bamboo won’t dull your knives. Your bamboo chopping board set will be as good as new for a long time without scratches and marks on the boards.

NO MESS IN THE KITCHEN. Royal Craft Wood large bamboo cutting board set has deep grooves for catching juices from meat and fruits. Enjoy your clean and well-organized workplace even during the busiest cooking routine with the best cutting board set. A large bamboo cutting board for the kitchen with juice grooves prevents messes on your countertop.

100% BAMBOO. The best cutting board set is 100% made of bamboo wood. Bamboo cutting boards absorb liquid. Eat healthily with the bamboo cutting board set. Such a unique cutting board set is the best choice. This cutting board gift set is ideal for any occasion.

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