33 best relaxing bath products

Willing to unwind after a long day and don’t know how? Well, a relaxing bubble bath is definitely the thing. If trying out with some great products, you’ll be on cloud nine. And we’re here to help you pick the best ones for your nirvana time in a tub. So, let’s begin.

Bath tea

There are so many bath teas out there, and most of them have the super healing power we wanted. This is actually a trend nowadays - enjoying herbal baths, watching something on a laptop, with candles, and a plush bath pillow. Bath tea bags are traditionally a mix of herbs, flowers, salts, and more. It is designed to toss in the tub so that you can enjoy its antiseptic and astringent properties. By the way, its ingredients can tackle a number of health issues like stress and headache, dry or sunburnt skin. So, choose the blend thoughtfully!

Bamboo Bath Tray

bamboo bath tray caddy

If anything can be missing from our list of bathtub relaxation accessories, this item should never be.

bath tray in bath

To tell the truth, this thing alone can make your bath time a success. A bamboo bath tray is designed to deliver comfort, service, and absolute convenience while doing your bath routines. It has two-sided trays, extendable handles, and accessory slots. The latter allows you to put anything you want for your procedures and not only. You can put a laptop, a book - you name it. Don’t forget a glass of wine! It’s waterproof, anti-slip, and sturdy. 

Exfoliating scrub

A great relaxing bubble bath begins with the skin routine, and an exfoliating scrub is just the thing. It allows scrubbing away dead skin without scratching it severely. You can buy one ($5 Dove, for example) or do it yourself. As for a DIY scrub, the easiest one is a coffee scrub. You just need raw sugar, ground coffee, coconut and olive oils, and sea salt. The scrub does a good job of fighting cellulite. Also, you might want Rosemary Lavender salt scrub to decompress and de-stress. Anyway, there are many recipes out there for your special needs!

Organic cotton exfoliating gloves

Do you like the glow, that kind of glow female celebs shine with when coming to different talk shows? The secret lies in exfoliating your body twice a week. You can do it with 100% organic cotton exfoliating gloves. Slip them on to buff away dead skin. It makes way for new, healthy cells and improves blood circulation. It leaves the skin feeling super soft and smooth. Compared to scrubs, gloves are better for sensitive skin as they are gentler and not overly abrasive. As for the use, they hold their shape, dry fast, and come with a nice price tag.

Bath salts

These are compulsory for bath relaxation. The most popular ingredient is Himalayan pink salt, and here’s why. First, it flushes out toxins, helps ease pains, cleans the skin deeply, and encourages circulation and sleep. Manufacturers also add other ingredients like Ylang-Ylang and vanilla for a calming effect and sweet odor around. To combat stress, consider the following combo of pink, Bolivian Rose, and the Dead Sea. In short, bath salts are very powerful as they enhance immunity, pump up with energy, soothe muscle soreness, and boost overall health.

Electronic Body Brush

A rechargeable rotating electronic body brush is another hassle-free way to exfoliate your skin effectively. But this time, you don’t have to get out of the tub. Its handle extends so that you can clean your back without pulling your arm out of the tub or the brush connecting cord out of the socket or asking someone to help. Usually, it comes as a 5-in-1 brush as a foaming brush head, pumice sponge, massaging brush, mesh sponge, and microdermabrasion brush. You choose the way it can be used - wet or dry. In a nutshell, it’s just a number one amongst bathtub relaxation accessories.

Gel Face Wash

It’s just a gentle green juice for the face that leaves that refreshing feeling. We suggest face gels with leafy greens, such as kale, spinach vitamins, green tea, that provide the skin a powerful, healthy boost. Traditionally, they are sulfate-free and vegan and approved by Clean and Sephora. It also foams on its own thanks to natural components like quillaja saponaria, or soapbark. It smoothly rinses away the day’s debris without drying the skin. Another merit is its antioxidants contents. So, it’s a natural face gel that will make a difference in your skincare routine.

Bath oils

Oils are just great before bedtime. They contain scents that send you off into a tranquil slumber. They hydrate and soothe skin. When mixed with water, oil goes deeper into the skin and rejuvenates it. The heated oil improves blood circulation, stiff joints, and reduces fatigue significantly. As for contents, you might like Lavender essential oil, Moroccan Rose, Sandalwood as key-ingredients. Lavender, for example, has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Its blend with bergamot eases the nerves and soothes the senses. Anyway, you can choose an ideal combo for your relaxing bubble bath.

Flower lotions

After exfoliating and washing your body, apply a bit of coconut water and flower lotion to “seal” moisture. Its formula is pretty safe for any skin type, except there’s some fragrance in it. It’s silicone, paraben-free, and vegan. Its nice scent won’t bother you at all. Moreover, pick the one that will smell like something that brings you peace. The lotion absorbs super-fast without making you feel greasy or sticky. It’s just ideal for legs and feet. Make it an integral part of your relaxing bubble bath, and you won’t be disappointed.

Hydrating Face Mist

There are times when you’re getting sweaty because the tub is too hot, and you need something refreshing and hydrating. A hydrating face mist will be a way out. Or, you want a fast-post-bath pick me up, but you don’t have enough time to put oil or cream. The mist nozzle sprays the right amount to the face. It smells great and has a positive impact on mood. For example, you can pick organic coconut water with the infusion of hibiscus flower petals. It’s also sulfate-, paraben-, and alcohol-free. It’s an ideal addition to a relaxing bubble bath.

Bath Pills

Chill pills or scented fizzy moisturizing tablets for bath do exist! These are for those whose boss annoyed them, or who are going through the motions and need a quick and powerful unwind. To really calm down, throw a few of these bath pills into running water. They contain soothing oils like safflower, jojoba, or hemp seeds that will help you feel serene on the inside and outside, your skin will be hydrated and softened. The blend of scents can complete your candles. But the more scents, the better.

Spa Bath Pillow

Amongst bathtub relaxation accessories, this one is probably the most useful. It provides an extra cushion for the neck and back while you soak in a tub. Otherwise, it’s difficult to relax when the head is cramped and not comfortable. By the way, this pillow features a hook to hang it and let it dry. As for drying, it is made of 3D mesh fabric to allow constant air to flow and accelerate drying. Usually, the pillow comes in a nice package. So, consider it as a gift item as well for someone who needs relaxation as you do after a long working day.

Magnesium Bath flakes

These are decent alternatives to bath salts. Magnesium chloride is even more healing than the ordinary Epsom salt and can soothe fast long-term pains via a long, hot plunge into the tub. Besides, the form is comfier in case you don’t like salt and bombs inside. Bath flakes do a great job of soaking muscles and joints - ideal for athletes, yogis, and the elderly. Like oils and salts, they ease and nourish the skin. Bath flakes also help to treat skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis.

Mustard Bath

Are there athletes out there? Even if not, this product works wonders with the body. The mustard bath is for your relaxing bubble bath, and it is the traditional English therapeutic remedy. It is used for a variety of health issues from turned ankles to colds. The spicy mustard contains the ingredients that strengthen sweat glands, stimulate circulation, and soothe soreness in the muscles. Helicopter moms will definitely appreciate this product as they know for sure what swollen feet, aching back, and stiff muscles are.

Bath bombs

These balls are definitely an integral part of any relaxing bubble bath. First, they are very nourishing as they are made of butter like cocoa, for example. Second, they are super scented, and this odor spreads throughout the entire room giving it an incredible delight. Usually, bombs turn the water some color, so that you imagine lying in the grass or blue waters of the ocean. Or, perhaps you’ll want a sherbet bomb that smells like summer dessert, reminding of careless childhood.

Bath drops

These tiny balls contain different kinds of nourishing oils like clary sage, grapeseed oil, and more. They are designed to “wrap” the skin within a veil of hydration. If you experience inflammation and redness, clary sage is an essential oil that treats rough patches and clogged pores. What’s more, it has sedative abilities to induce relaxation and calm and alleviates anxiety, irritability, and dizziness. By the way, for those having a relaxing bubble bath before bedtime, it’s a win because it is known for libido stimulation in both men and women.

Conditioning Mask

As you soak, why don’t you take care of your hair? A conditioning mask without harsh sulfates, phthalates, parabens, silicones, DEA, or artificial dyes will do a great job here. Usually, they contain natural oils like argan oil or almond one to restore your hair. It especially makes sense if the hair is fuzzy, dry, and tangled. By the way, you can do it yourself by blending the equal parts of cinnamon and coconut oil.  Using the mask while soaking is a great way to “nourish” your soul and hair. Besides, they l have a good scent so you’ll get some aromatherapy.

Bath Candle

This thing will definitely help you chill out and feel like you’re at the spa. A relaxing scented candle surrounds you with pleasant and sweet odor, and nice “flickering” against a pale-amber glass in the darkness is absolutely soothing. It helps your brain get into a stress-free mode. If you want something exotic, consider the candle with a post-rainstorm or tomato scent. Also, consider adding to this a glass of wine, favorite tunes, and these simple things will make your evening for sure.

Non-toxic bath powder

This is also called a digital detox bath. If you’re an employee working in front of a PC all day long, you need some digital detox. You can have it while taking a hot relaxing bubble bath. This digital detox bath powder is made from raw, vegan components and uses montmorillonite clay to eliminate the positively-charged radiation that builds up in our bodies as we sit in front of the computer with the phone in the hands all day long. It reboots completely within ten to twenty minutes.

Oil Reed Diffuser

If you don’t like candles but still want a nice scent around, an essential oil diffuser might be a solution. Just put a reed diffuser filled with rosemary, cinnamon, or lavender oil on the counter, and you’ll immediately feel the calming scent around. Unlike candles that need the flame to deliver aroma, reed diffusers last all the long and just need to be flipped over once or twice a week. Usually, the set includes a glass bottle full of oil, a bundle of perfume reeds, and a nice box. This thing literally beautifies every single place where it’s put.

Korean sheet masks

Korean beauty stuff is mainstream right now. Using it for the relaxing bubble bath is a great idea as well. So, apply a Korean sheet mask and watch your favorite movie right in a hot tub. This mask is super-efficient when winter is outside, and you need something nourishing for the skin. You can feel it working immediately once you take it off. The effect is instant. By the way, the skin stays tight and moisturized all day long. You can always buy a set of 15 masks to have them at hand every time you soak in a hot tub.

Chenille Bathroom Rug

This one is a must-have amongst bathtub relaxation accessories. Even if you’ve had an amazing bath experience, the whole thing can be ruined in seconds, if you slipped on a tile floor. Do you agree? Well, a chenille bathroom rug is definitely a way out. It has a plush shag that shields toes from the cold floor and pampers your feet. As for the use, it’s absorbent keeping water in its thick piles and machine-washable and dryable. In short, this thing will let you “dwell” in that nirvana state after your stepping out of the tub.

Suction cup

At first glimpse, this item looks useless, but it can really help out. The cup is designed to prevent water from slowly leaking down the drain and destroying your long-awaited hot bath. It is plastic and convenient for different shaped tubs. It especially makes sense if the bathtub is shallow and you don’t plan to remodel but want to enjoy bath procedures without controlling the time. So, by preventing water leakage, you’ll get your extra gallons of water, which allows you to stay in a hot tub more time and chill out more. It’s very easy to use as you just remove the drain cover and hang it to dry out.

Cotton Luxury Bath Towels

Although these are post-bath accessories, we added it to the list as they can make a difference in your after-bath experience. So, envelop yourself in a super-duper soft bath towel. They are 100% cotton and are soft to the touch. After the first wash, they become even smoother. They are super absorbent, durable, and sustainable. With a dual stitch edge and pure dobby weave, they are a solid asset of any bathroom. The towels come in 14 bright colors to any taste. You might want a set featuring 4 nice, super smooth bath towels.

Bath and Shower Wine Holder

While you soak in a relaxing bubble bath, why don’t you enjoy a gentle wine taste? The wine holder will help you with that. It applies to any non-porous surface and is ideal for glazed tile, glass, and mirror. By the way, if sipping wine is not your thing, you can drink cola, coffee, juice - you name it. It also holds cans, solo cups, plastic bottles, coffee and tea mugs, etc. If you stand up for eco-friendliness in products, don’t worry, this one comes in a recyclable, dishwasher safe ABS plastic.

Hair Catcher

It’s the third item that can save your me-time from the hair-filled bath water. Women with long hair will love it for sure. Since the tub drain gets clogged all the time, and we spend tons of time digging it out, it’s better to use a hair catcher every time you take a bath. Just think about it! You’re stepping out of the tub, clean and heated, and a few minutes later, you need to clean it up from hair. With regular plugs, it’s annoying! With the hair catcher, you wipe it off, and that’s it! How convenient!

Disco lights for bathtub

One of the most extraordinary bathtub relaxation accessories is disco lights for the bathtub. If you want fun and dance party-ish right in your tub, that’s for you. Who said that a relaxing bath should be tranquil? This device projects a huge array of psychedelic multicolored light patterns onto the tub's bottom and sides. It features the button that allows changing the patterns like subdued or dynamic. It looks like an underwater disco light show. You should know that it is absolutely waterproof in case you worry about the damage.

Jar of unicorn soap

Did you know that the unicorn theme is not just for the kids? The TV shows’ star Nina Dobrev is literally obsessed with unicorns. If you’re like her, then this jar is the right thing. Each jar contains more than 20 mini unicorn-shaped soaps with a delightful jelly scent in a pastel rainbow of colors. There’s also a touch of glitter as unicorns are about sparkling. This weird jar will actually remind you how fabulous you are and how bright life is while soaking in the hot tub.

Bath-themed subscription boxes

It’s an all-in-one box with bathtub relaxation accessories for your ultimate bathing experience. Different brands offer different boxes, and we’re not going to promote them here. But traditionally, they include handcrafted items like scented candles, soaps, bath bombs, self-care products. Some put spiritual healing crystals and local teas in a tub as their monthly packaging. We have to admit that even the brand’s packages can lift the spirits significantly. How much love, care, and creativeness is put in there! So, if you don’t want to organize all the bathing items separately, just order the box.

Waterproof speaker

The item is just a no-brainer from bathtub relaxation accessories as it just streams the relaxation music while you’re unwinding in the tub. Now, you can sing to your heart’s content. You can hang it up because it has a little D-ring. So, what do you get with it? Excellent sound (usually with super powerful bass which is pivotal for meditation and relaxation), great instrumental translation with clear highs, mid, lows, and utmost convenience. In a nutshell, you get a great value with a friendly price tag.

Waterproof phone case

Devices and relaxation in a hot tub are not compatible unless you want to watch a favorite TV show or listen to a favorite playlist stored on your mobile phone. In this case, a waterproof phone case is as necessary as any other accessory from our list. Any iPhone or Android phone fits really well in the case. The sound quality is as good as the speaker’s one, even if the phone is sealed in the case. If style matters to you, you can pick from 13 styles available. At least, when chilling out to the beats, you won’t be worrying that the device might fall into the water and get damaged.

Jetted-tub cleaner

Another factor that can ruin your bathing experience is a filthy tub. Seriously! When you’re about to take a bath, do all prep work quickly, step in, and feel like soaking in dirty water. It’s not a good start for a relaxing bubble bath. That’s why we added this to our list of must-have accessories for bath time. Clean the tub three times a week to make sure that nothing can ruin this intention every time you need to catch up on your me-time. Moreover, it’s recommended to clean the tubs post-bath as body oils also leave some taint.

Amazon Echo Dot

Here’s one more speaker-like accessory from our list of bathtub relaxation accessories that deliver pure music while you enjoy a relaxing bath. It doesn’t take too much room. You can control music or run audiobooks or podcasts from the tub with your voice. To be specific, it plays music from Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon Music, iHeartradio. Although doing any kind of work is not recommended for relaxation, yet if you need it, you can control home devices, call someone and answer questions, alarms with this thing remotely.

Best products for relaxing bath: Final word

When surveying the products for your me-time in a bathroom, make sure you have everything for a decent body and face care and that you have it all at hand. Thus, beauty products, a music device, and a bamboo bathroom tray are a no-brainer.

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