TOP gifts for bath takers

Whether your friend is a self-professed bath junkie, we can all agree this is the perfect time of year to get some spa-worthy, me time. There are surely a few people in your life who could benefit from a great soak. Gift your favorite bath lover an item or two from this gift guide and make him or her happy all year long!

The best bath lovers gift ideas

When the weather outside is frightful and so cold, it means one thing: it’s the perfect time to take a steaming-hot bubble bath! With these awesome gift ideas, your bath lover will definitely get some essentials for a perfect home spa at any time of the year!

1. Bluetooth speaker

Your friend can enjoy her bath routine with great music! A water-resistant Bluetooth speaker is a great gift for every bath lover! Full-spectrum coverage, crispy high notes, crystal clear mid-range, and balanced bass. Great idea. 

2. Bathtub caddy

She can indulge herself in the most relaxing bathtub experience and enjoy a luxurious home spa treatment. A bathtub caddy tray will help keep all the essentials (i.e. a candle, bubble bath, your phone) handy without the chance of them getting wet. Therefore, she can stay and relax for as long as needs to. Perfect present for everyone.

3. Mineral bath soak

Mineral salts help to restore the natural balance of the skin and makes it look and feel smoother. Every bath lover will enjoy your gift. It is a wonderful way to detox the skin and relax the mind and body.

 4. Electric facial & body cleansing brush

This device is a great way to remove makeup and gently exfoliate the face to make it clean and refreshed 24\7. A great gentle way to make the skin soft, clean and gorgeous. Your bath lover will thank you.

5. Bath bombs gift set

Therapeutic and moisturizing bath bombs are definitely what every bath lover needs! This set with 12 bombs will satisfy your friend and help create a perfect spa day! A balanced, lightweight moisturizer from the highest quality natural ingredients will keep their skin hydrated and soft. 

6. Body scrub

This is a great choice to help your bath lover add a great routine for their home spa treatments. Pure and natural scrub with powerful nourishing ingredients such as sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, etc. will be perfect. 

7. Bath body kit

All in one! It is a nice choice, we swear! All the essentials in one basket. From shampoo to bubbles for a perfect spa time at home. Plus, you can choose something organic with natural ingredients such as sunflower seed oil and vitamin E for the maximum benefits for your bath lover. Her skin will say ‘thank you’. And she too.

8. Dry body brush

It is an ideal gift for every woman who cares about her body and skin! These brushes are specially designed with a long handle to make this spa routine both easy and enjoyable to use. One side features a cellulite busting massager, while the other is a high-quality boar's hair dry brush. A long handle makes it easy to brush those hard to reach places.

9. Hand cream gift set

Every bath lover likes a self-care routine, so this is an awesome gift idea.  A perfect "on-the-go" size for the purse and handbag. Your bath lover can find their favorite cream from this set and choose the scent he or she would like. 

 10. Premium construction face massager

Gentle rolling motion helps to relax muscles and relieve facial pain through massaging pressure. It alleviates tension in face and neck, relaxes locked jaws, reduces inflammation, and is gentle enough for use on any skin type. Great gift idea. A must-have for every woman who loves at-home spa treatments.

11. Pillows for the bathtub

An orthopedic pillow comfortably supports the head, neck, and shoulders just like a real spa experience. This bath neck pillow is perfect for long, lazy soaks in a bubble bath, jacuzzi or hot tubs.  Plus,  the non-slip suction cups can be used to attach the spa pillow to the tub surface. Spa time at home can be perfect.

12. Headbands

This gift is great for a woman. The headband makes it easy to keep their hair out of their faces when brushing teeth, washing face, putting on makeup or even taking a quick shower. Your friend can soak in the bathtub with a face mask without worrying about her hair. 

13. Towel

The must-have gift. High-quality material allows her to keep her hair in place wrap it securely around her body while moisturizing or applying makeup. For home or travel, this set pampers her like at an sp. Soft, colorful, and big enough to cover the body.

14. Gift card for a spa

Choose a gift card for your friend to have a great relaxing experience in a spa. Massage, face mask, and a relaxing atmosphere. Help your friend plan a day for herself.

15. Robe

This plush terry-cotton bathrobe for luxurious spa-like comfort at home or away is a great idea. The super-absorbent bathrobe offers cozy softness, whether stepping out of the shower, emerging from a hot tub, sitting in a sauna, or simply lounging by the pool. 

16. Face mask

The face is exposed to dirt, toxins, radiation, and other damaging elements just from simply being outside while you are living your life. Dead sea face mask treatment works for all skin types and is highly effective yet gentle enough for everyday use. Your bath lover will enjoy it!

17. A shower curtain

A must-have item for every bath! A non-toxic, chlorine-free, PEVA doesn't expose the family and the environment to harmful chemical fumes. No mess in the bathroom now. You can choose a curtain with a design and colorful pattern or buy it in simple white to fit any decor.

18. Body milk

This luxurious coconut body milk is the perfect moisturizer to slather on post-bath to guarantee supple skin into the next day. Plus, it smells really awesome. Soft skin, relaxed body. What else do we need? :)

19. Stylish shower cap

No one in the world has ever said ‘I am so pretty in this shower cap’. But we found a perfect one which can make every woman look stylish and beautiful. The quick-frying fabric and silicone grip keeps out every ounce of moisture. Therefore, no worries about her hair.

20. Candle

Taking a bath with the regular lights on can almost defeat the purpose of this relaxing bathroom activity. Help your friend set the mood for a fully restorative bath with a flickering wick candle. 

21. Body box

A little taste of 15 mini body-pampering sessions. Your friend can test the whole lineup and enjoy every bath routine. De-stressing, moisturizing, detoxing oils, salt. All in one set. Bring some magic and the pleasant aroma of different oils to the bath routine.  

22. Waterproof iPhone case

Sometimes all your BFF wants to do is watch their favorite tv episode while taking a bath. Make sure their coveted phone is protected with a waterproof case. Of course, you should definitely make sure the case you’re buying fits their phone, or else things could get a bit awkward.

23. Bath mat

Similar to the idea of gifting a brand-new shower curtain, a bath mat can make an entire bathroom feel like a warm and inviting place to be. Plus, a comfortable bath mat makes it so much easier to step out of a cozy bath when the time comes.

24. Portable spa bubble bath massager

Easy to use and such an exciting experience! Simply drop the spa bathtub mat in the tub and instantly create a soothing jacuzzi bath spa right at home. The bubble massage mat features a connected air hose & motorized air pump that delivers massaging bubbles for a stress-free spa-like experience. The heater keeps the bath warm, creating a therapeutic atmosphere. 

25. Essential bath & shower oils set

This set contains a precise blend of aromatherapy oils perfect for any time of day that they need a little boost. 

26. Shampoo

A great shampoo has the power to transform the hair and even make the hairstyles look better, no matter what the hair type. It should also make the in-shower experience pleasant, with a subtle fragrance and sufficient lather.

27.  Essential travel kit

Following a long flight, a nourishing shea body butter and lotion will fully prep tired skin for vacay mode, and exfoliating sugar scrub and soothing body wash will heal sun-parched pores after extended exposure at the beach. Great present for a bath lover.

28. Fizz tablets

The relaxing experience will be more pleasant if the bath lover drops one of these into the tub. The colorful foil tablets look great displayed in a bowl or apothecary jar on the bathroom counter and are available in multiple scents.

29. Deep sleep shower gel

This gel leaves skin feeling moisturized, soft and lightly scented. The perfect shower-time treat to help prepare for a peaceful night's sleep. Its delicious blend of pure essential oils includes vetiver, chamomile, and lavender to calm and soothe, whilst coconut oil softens and protects the skin.

30. 5-piece bamboo bath accessory set

5-piece set includes 1 dispenser with brushed stainless-steel pump, 1 cotton swab box with lid, 1 toothbrush holder, 1 wastebasket, and 1 towel holder tray. This set brings a stylish touch to any bathroom decor.

31. Hammam set

This set features seven steps to detoxify and relax the body. A luxury organic experience featuring seven full-size products, designed to be used individually or in succession to deeply invigorate and relax the body.

32. Tea tree charcoal facial soap

A balanced and gentle facial soap, this bar detoxifies skin with absorbent activated charcoal. A regular cleansing bar for the face, especially oily and combination skin types. 

33. Wall art

When it comes to home décor, people often overlook the bathroom. But you can help your bath lover to add a nice touch to her bathroom. A gilded art print that really sends a message is a funny and cute gift idea. Find the right quote like ‘Get naked’, add a great frame and WOW. Perfect gift and piece of decor. 

Cool gift ideas for bath lovers

We know it's hard to find the right gifts for friends and family, so we've compiled a ton of fashion and beauty-focused gift guides tailored to a range of interests and budgets.

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