32 bamboo gifts ideas for the eco-warriors

Eco-conscious and willing to encourage others by offering environmentally friendly things? You may want to explore our genius bamboo eco-friendly gifts ideas. Let’s jump right in!

Bamboo eco-friendly gifts ideas

Before diving deeper into the subject, let us outline a few positive properties of the bamboo material. First and foremost, bamboo products are decent alternatives to plastic ones that end up in the ocean. The material is organic and biodegradable, pest-resistant, and antimicrobial. Bamboo is one of the most fast-growing plants in the world. So, people do not really harm bamboo forests because the plant grows fast. Also, bamboo is super versatile. You’ll see it from our huge list of gifts ideas.

Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

This is one of the gifts for an eco-friendly girl to die for. She’ll be happy to have something near her that allows her to put candles and glasses of wine. Or tablets to enjoy favorite movies while luxuriating hot baths. The design is tailored in a way to let two bathers enjoy their tub bathing the bathtub candy features two-side trays, extendable handles, and accessory slots. While both of them are in the tub comfortably,  a bathtub caddy tray allows them to share drinks and refreshments under candlelight.

Makeup Brush Set

Are there any eco-conscious girls out there? Or, just looking for the gift for an eco-friendly girl? We’ve got you covered here with a super-duper makeup brush set., There are five different types of brush in the package, they are:

  1. The angled foundation one,
  2. The angled liner brush,
  3. The concealer brush,
  4. The eyeshadow one and blush brush.

The brushes are made of recycled aluminum and plastic with renewable bamboo.  Also, some brands make them cruelty-free and vegan. Besides, it’s a female product, they translate some “women’s empowerment” message through it. In a nutshell, your mom, sister, girlfriend, or cousin will definitely love it.

Bamboo Sunglasses

Continuing our list of eco-friendly gifts ideas, here’s another great one - snazzy pair of bamboo sunglasses. These are wayfarer sunglasses coming with voguish bamboo frames, delicately layered bamboo front, and organic carbonized bamboo arms. As for sun protection, the sunglasses have composite polarized lenses with UV400 protection and scratch-proof coating. Besides, there are microfiber pouch and bamboo storage case.

Bamboo pajamas

A bamboo pajama can make your night a brand-new sleeping experience. It is made of sustainable and antimicrobial bamboo fabric that is cooling, breathable, and odor-eliminating. Besides, it is soft, which makes the PJ super comfortable.  A set consists of a round-neck long sleeve top, Capri sleeping pants, and shorts. This eco-friendly sleepwear might be ideal for the environment-themed slumber party.

Bamboo Drawer Organizer

One of the ultimate gifts for an eco-friendly girl is a bamboo drawer organizer! There are a few reasons for that. It fits in any drawer of any size because it’s adjustable. The tray features 9 slot silverware with grooved dividers for the utmost convenience. The compartments are deep so there is enough space for kitchen utensils. Besides, all their surfaces are super cleanable, a damp cloth is literally enough. Good news: you can use it for keeping other stuff like stationary objects, things for sewing and crafting, bathing objects, and so on. 

Bamboo Dress

Amongst the gifts for an eco-friendly girl, this one is probably one of the best. If she’s never considered bamboo for her clothing, she will definitely appreciate this gift. There are different types out there. Consider something T-shirt-like, loose-fitting, and maybe with side pockets. Usually, such dresses come with 96% of bamboo viscose. Also, some brands apply their own technology and create a bamboo fabric that has no chemical enhancements and provides a way better feeling than cotton does.

Bamboo Watch

Here’s another great accessory for your eco-warrior. It is a casual bamboo watch usually coming with an attractive bamboo box - perfect for protecting and storing the accessory. The watch is made from natural bamboo. Look for something that hasn’t been painted on. The watch is a perfect gift for someone who’s allergic to metals. Also, if someone doesn’t like leather straps because of ethical reasons, look for silicon ones. The silicon straps look as well and stylish as leather ones.

Bamboo Handbag

If you’re looking for the gifts for an eco-friendly girl who is meantime a big fashionista, consider a bamboo handbag. It’s stylish and sustainable. The bamboo strips are tied closely together ensuring the wallet, phone, lipstick, or sunglasses won’t fall out. You can find bamboo basket bags, straw box bags, bamboo satchel bags, ark bamboo clutches, and so on. If you know the girl's preferences, a matching bamboo handbag can be a great addition to any outfit.

Bamboo Boxer Briefs or Shorts

Male eco-warriors will like them for sure because they are made of 95% bamboo fiber. The material is ultra-soft and breathable, meaning it can regulate body temperature. The most popular combos are bamboo and spandex and bamboo and jersey. If your friend does sports, bamboo underwear is a good choice. The material allows moisture to evaporate - unlike cotton that get soaked. It especially makes sense during hot seasons since it makes men feel cooler.

Bamboo Panties

Bamboo panties as a great gift for women, this choice join our list of eco-friendly gifts ideas. They are made of 95% natural bamboo rayon and 5% spandex. This underwear is soft, stretchy, breathable, and cooling. It is also temperature-regulating, meaning it doesn’t make you sweat. Bamboo panties are definitely a thing, especially during those days. The material has solid antibacterial properties and fights hard odors. Bamboo underwear for women can come in different shapes, such as bikini, high-waist, boyleg briefs, etc.

Bamboo Lap Desk

This gift idea might happen so useful as lots of people migrate from offices to homes where they continue their ordinary work. So, why not surround oneself with the things made of eco-friendly materials? Meet Bamboo lap desk, a multipurpose one that will impress the birthday person with its functionality. It can be literally used in a home office, home school, in the car, for reading and having breakfast. Speaking of breakfast, this thing comes with a Velcro-attached cushion. Once removed, the lap desk turns into a bed tray. So, it’s an amazing gift!

Bamboo Bedshelfie

Don’t know what is it yet? It’s a nightstand attached to a bed frame. Bedshelfies is attachable thanks to an adjustable clamping system with large felt padding on touch edges to avoid scratching. Most bed selfies can hold up to 15 pounds. You can put items like books and phone, a few magazines, an alarm clock, glasses - you name it. Whatever you might need to have at hand when in bed, this thing will safely handle it. Also, bamboo bed selfies always have dual wire slots so that users can charge devices easily.

Solar-Powered Bamboo Speakers

Speakers with an eco-friendly bamboo body and solar powering can boldly top the list of extraordinary eco-friendly gifts ideas. It is also solar-powered, although the cable is provided. Another surprise from it is that it can serve as a portable charger. Thus, your phone, tablet, laptop can be charged anywhere while you’re enjoying your playlists. For sure, the fact that it’s wireless makes the speaker a super great present. All you need is to pair the source and the speaker via Bluetooth. Move around freely while listening to music but don’t forget that the Bluetooth range is about 33 feet.

Bamboo Toothbrush with Case

This gift makes zero waste and is eco-friendly since its material is plastic and BPA-free, biodegradable, and highly renewable. Toothbrushes have medium soft charcoal infused bristles for natural whitening. So, no more chemical whitening strips! It’s super handy for traveling and keeps the environment inside clean and odor-free. You might like the fact that each brush is numbered from 1 to 4, making it easy to follow which one needs to be cleaned.

Bamboo Cutting Board

At the first glimpse, this gift might seem like nothing special. But in a kitchen, it works wonders. Ladies will appreciate such things. Here’s why, it’s 100% bamboo with zero pesticides, which is crucial for moms. It is durable, thick, and does not damage cutlery, nor makes it dull. The cutting board is built-in deep grooves that catch juice from meat, vegetables, and fruits. You can use this board to serve cheese and meat platter. The board is compactable and fits in any standard kitchen cabinet. Just the thing as one of the gifts for an eco-friendly girl!

Bamboo Safety Razor

Men will appreciate this gift for a stylish design and lifetime use. No more plastic razors that end up in landfills! Obviously, the only thing to replace in this bamboo safety razor is the blade. It features a 100% bamboo handle and stainless-steel components, which makes it super durable. In fact, this thing allows for saving significantly. Think about it! One razor blade cost 10-20 cents, while cartridge refills cost $2-$3 per blade. Also, the razor comes in a presentable bamboo box. According to many reviews, women love it as well.

Bamboo Eco-Socks

Amongst the eco-friendly gifts’ ideas, this one might be the most trivial.  Athletes find bamboo socks super comfortable as they keep the feet cool and dry. But did you know that there were diabetic bamboo socks? Here’s the thing: bamboo is temperature flexible, which allows thermo-regulating. Micro-mesh fabrication enables good airflow to control temperatures in any season. Antimicrobial properties prevent infection and foot odors. Bamboo socks are ideal for neuropathy.

Bamboo Cardigan

To continue with the list of gifts for an eco-friendly girl, we’d like to suggest another great one - a bamboo cardigan. The material used in it is 70% bamboo viscose and 30% organic cotton, or just silky soft bamboo fabric. Just like a woolen one, it breathes and keeps warm. Traditionally, it is stretchy and comes in six sizes and up to 20 trendy colors. If your mom or sister is a fashionista, you can buy her bamboo printed throw with exclusive art-inspired prints or a floral throw. It’s an ideal present for Mother’s Day.

Bamboo Cooking Utensil Set

Looking for gifts for an eco-friendly girl who enjoys cooking? The bamboo cooking utensils are just the ticket! Lots of women confess that they prefer using them over the metal and plastic ones that scratch the pots. They are stain, odor, and bacteria-resistant, and are absolutely gentle on spots.  Bamboo utensils are perfect for cooking as they don’t stick to a pan, do not melt, stain, or rust and work for years. Usually, the set comprises a spork, a spoon and a slotted one, a flat spatula and a slotted one, and an organizer.

Bamboo Handkerchiefs

A person always needs to have this accessory at hand. It’s made from organic, sustainably grown, soft bamboo fabric blended with 10% natural cotton. It’s important to pick an undyed one to prevent allergy. Whether it’s for wiping running nose or tears, sweat; a handkerchief is simply a must-have in the pocket. It’s great for cleaning some hazardous mess on the pants or T-shirt. In other words, there are thousands of ways to use it in our everyday life. Giving a set of bamboo handkerchiefs will definitely please a practical eco-warrior. The gift is awesome for Father’s Day. Moreover, grandfathers will appreciate it for sure!

Bamboo iPhone Case or Bumper

Well, this one is really for a person who advocates for using eco-friendly products. Bamboo cases are normally handcrafted and unique in texture. They can be customized with desired pictures - top idea from our eco-friendly gifts’ ideas list! Bamboo cases are coated with a particularly selected material from a mix of vegetable oils and waxes. Also, you can find form-fitting cases that are shockproof and antislip to cover well every curve of the device. It’s not just stylish but provides decent protection to iPhones.

Bamboo Cable Organizer

Cable chaos is probably one of the things we hate in life, especially when kids and pets are around. Tangled cords drive us crazy, and the products that can address the problem are just godsend. One of them is a bamboo cable organizer. It features a slot for all the cables and an upper compartment to put the devices while they are charging. The organizer blends in nicely on the desk or under an entertainment center. The thing is simple as it is but saves the day drastically of busy moms and dads.

Bamboo Mug

Why use those disposable cups if you can enjoy hot drinks from your eco-friendly bamboo mug? It's a stainless-steel bamboo that will drastically reduce the amount of paper you waste at work. Besides, it’s n to its double-wall insulation cover. And the design is pretty as well. What’s great about this mug is that it has a detachable lid and anti-skid surface. Besides, it comes in a box that is also reusable. If you want something personal, you can find bamboo mugs production services that allow for custom engraving. Bamboo mugs are just great gifts for an eco-friendly girl.

Bamboo Travel Utensils

Sometimes, baby steps are just enough to become more eco-conscious. And using bamboo utensils while traveling is one of them. This will reduce how many plastic sets we use for fast food and drinks! The bamboo utensils are heat and stain proof. They don’t absorb smells and are reusable after simple hand-washing. They are also a great addition to an everyday lunch box. So, the set includes a fork, a spoon, a knife, and a few chopsticks. As for a case, it’s compact and made of recycled plastic bottles. So, there won’t be any harm to the planet! The set is practical, affordable, and highly recommended to families.

Bamboo Drinking Straws

Like plastic utensils, plastic straws are now being less used. Of course, technically you can drink without them, there are still those who need them due to health issues. Besides, those smoothies and yummy cocktails are way better to sip with straws. They are great alternatives to single-use paper straws. So, these ones are organic bamboo and BPA-free with no inks and dyes, and 100% biodegradable. Traditionally, the set includes 8 straws, a cleaning brush, and a custom bag. The straws differ in color, thickness, texture, and diameter to be used for different kinds of beverages.

Bamboo Longboard

A bamboo longboard is another rare thing listed in our eco-friendly gifts’ ideas. This rare gift is made of a blend of bamboo and maple and features a bamboo deck and kick. When giving it, you provide both sustainability and durability in one package that ensures hours of a safe and fun ride. Additionally, there are no similar longboards since the unique bamboo grain differs from board to board. If you do market research, you’ll see that most bamboo longboards are equipped with quality hardware like firm 7-inch aluminum trucks.  You can have a bamboo helmet offered as an add-on to a longboard.

Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse

Are there tech savvies who are also fierce eco-warriors out there? This bamboo keyboard and mouse are compatible with all existing PC and laptop brands, such as Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. They are connected wirelessly with one single USB receiver, which is inside the mouse. The external shelf and keycaps are all made of organic bamboo wood. The lifetime of keystroke and mouse is over 5 million cycles. Users can also enjoy music and movies thanks to the 7 multimedia keys. Other features are the strong anti-interference ability and automatic computer sleep wake up.

Bamboo Pillow

Using bamboo pillows is mainstream right now. It’s not surprising as they are stuffed with memory foam for the ultimate feeling of comfort and support. The material used for these pillows is extra breathable for cooler sleep. Doctors recommend a bamboo pillow for improving sleep issues, particularly sleep deprivation. In general, it meets back sleeping needs, stomach sleeping needs, and side sleeping needs. The bamboo pillow it is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. Nowadays, it’s manufactured with no use of toxic components. You can add to this range bamboo bed sheets, bath towels, mattress pad, and other home stuff.

Bamboo Multipurpose Rack

Even the most passionate eco-warriors might tend to pile up a lot of stuff, and there’s no better way for an eco-conscious maniac to organize things than by installing an eco-friendly organizer. So, meet a multipurpose rack made of 100% natural bamboo. It is adjustable and can store a variety of objects, starting from books and candle holders to plants and other little things. It’s a great space saver and fits in ideally the entire room design as its natural color is compatible with anyone in the room. And it’s a wonderful gift for any occasion.

Bamboo Elevated Pet Feeder

Proud owners of cats or dogs are always looking for the best pet supplies. Thus, a bamboo elevated pet feeder will be a great gift for pet lovers for sure. One thing is absolutely fantastic about it is the feeder prevents neck strain during feeding. With this product, dogs or cats just eat without bending down to the ground level. There’s also a built-in bamboo pet bowl that prevents it and the contents from getting turned over by a hungry pet. It’s a great news for pet parents too as they don’t have to clean the mess around. The feeder comes in small, medium, and large sizes.

Bamboo Jewelry Box

Bamboo lends some flair of ancient times to the jewelry box. The two-layer bamboo jewelry box has an antique—style lock, giving some sophisticated charm to the whole design. The latter is minimalist and nice-looking with a beautiful finish. The box is sturdy and solid, made with no sign of cracking. The item features a removable tray and small compartments to store rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and so on. The whole thing is compact and won’t take a lot of space on a toilet table. Anyway, it’s one of the cutest eco-friendly gifts’ ideas for women.

Bamboo Pet Grooming Brush

Last but not least from our eco-friendly gifts ideas comes a bamboo pet grooming brush. –This is also for pet lovers. Regular brushing is crucial to make sure the pets feel and look healthy. This brush is designed for deshedding and removing nasty knots, mats, tangles on the pet’s body, and makes it easy to collect hair afterward. While brushing, a pet owner is gently massaging the pet thanks to coated soft tip pins. This also prevents skin irritations and encourages healthy fur growth. Using our eco-friendly products in the household together with eco-friendly pet supplies is a great way to spread the message of keeping the environment clean.

Which one of bamboo eco-friendly gifts ideas to pick

First, know the person you’re about to give a present. What is their lifestyle, preferences, or needs? If it’s a colleague, check out their social media profile to have a clue of their lifestyle.  There are also some other bamboo eco-friendly gifts that will please anyone like bamboo cables organizer, bathtub caddy, or bamboo pillow.

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