How to choose cheese for charcuterie board

There is something about cheese that just invites people to come together. Whether it's a classic wine and cheese night with friends or assembling a charcuterie board for a party, cheese brings people together in the best possible way. If you're looking for the best cheese for charcuterie board, look no further! This blog post will outline the best types of cheese for charcuterie boards. So gather your friends, uncork that bottle of vine, and get ready to cheese it up!

The right charcuterie board can make your average dinner party exceptional. And do you know what makes a great spread off-the chart? Cheese! The trick is choosing the best type of creamy, melting goodness to top off those meats and crackers - it's not just something that finishes out dishes but an integral part in making them enjoyable too (and we're talking about more than goat).

large charcuterie board

From cow's milk to sheeps' or goats', there is an entire world of delicious cheeses available for your next party. From sharp cheddar flavors that will astound guests, all the way up through rich Philadelphia style processed wheel types - you'll find something perfect!

With such a wide array of varieties at hand when shopping- not only do they come in different varieties but also levels of complexity too; from very mild (think Swiss)to extra strong. So, we form our list of best cheeses for cheese board, which, of course, can be challenged:

The best charcuterie includes: 

  • Soft cheeses like brie or ricotta 
  • Semi-firm hone chopping blocks Cheddar, 
  • Emmentaler Hard chopsticks, 
  • Salt Blue cheese: f.e. Gorgonzola, 
  • Crumbly Wrapping Paper Ricotta salata/Cotija, 
  • Spreadable Heuche goat dairy product cream.

If you're looking to serve your guests some of the best charcuterie around, be sure that they are at room temperature before arriving. It's also important not only for taste but appearance as well; if there is too much contrast in texture or color between different types of cheeses then someone might find themselves cutting off more than just what was intended!

FAQ for cheese lovers

  • What will be the best cheese for cheese board? 

The best cheese for your charcuterie platter is a Personal Choice! But if you need help deciding on what type of flavours and textures are right up your alley, here's some ideas: 

Aged Cheddar, Peppercorn Gouda, Ricotta Cheese and many others… 

  • What’s the amount of cheese for serving on a charcuterie board?

The amount of cheese you should serve on your charcuterie board depends entirely upon how many people are attending. If it's just for an appetizer, plan about 2 ounces per person; however if the intention is to provide more than finger foods at dinner time then 5 ounce servings work best!

  • How to choose a platter for cheese?

You can use any surface on which you slice cheese for a charcuterie and cheese board. Some people prefer large wooden platters, cutting boards or marble slabs - but if that sounds like something up your alley then go ahead! 

Just make sure it's clean before using so as not to dirty other dishes in the process of eating. When preparing food with chalkboard tags, always write what is being served alongside its corresponding ingredients/dishes; this will help guests know exactly how their dish was made while also helping yourself Since there are no surprises when tasting someone else’s selection without reading beforehand.

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We all have our best cheeses for a cheese board, but when it comes to choosing the best for charcuterie or any other purpose-'ll just need to try them yourself! We can't make that decision for you. But if your face is always Pizza Day because everyone loves a good slice of pizza made with fresh mozzarella and artisanal stic tommsiells on top; then we might have something in common (and an answer).

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