Decorative cutting boards what are they needed for?

We all have that one friend who loves to show off their beautiful kitchen. They take pride in having the most up-to date gadgets and appliances, but what really makes them stand out from everyone else? The answer: cutting boards! I'm not talking about those flimsy pieces of plastic you get at Target - if there's anything my poor failed cooking skills can blame on an improper tool it would be these lightweight seekers for food tragedies (insert unhappy face). 

No way does this guy want his prized possession damaged by some knifes flying around like Civil War soldiers seeking reunion peace; he needs something strong enough where even when bloodying himself trying new recipes such as beef stew or lasagna.

What's more beautiful than a wood cutting board? A kitchen without one. Not only do they protect your countertops and provide warmth to any room, but these items also look amazing propped up as if waiting for their next use! Only a wooden board  can become a decorative cutting board without any additions.

You can never go wrong with this type of convenience - plus the added touch will make cooking fun again because who doesn't love seeing what you're working on right now come alive thanks in part due from using something so special like an old piece o'furniture that has been given another purpose.

Decorative wood cutting boards examples 

decorative cutting board

The Many Ways to Use Wood Cutting Boards in Decor 

A cutting board is a useful and functional piece of equipment for the kitchen. However, have you ever considered using it as decor? It's true! I never would've thought about putting my many boards on display if they were just sitting around taking up space inside our house. In fact now that there are more ways than one available with which we can store them - like these beautiful wooden holders from Royal Craft Wood - my solution has become quite simple: less cluttered surfaces means cleaner lines all around.

decorative cutting boards

You see, there are a few items that I just cannot resist buying when they're at markets or shops. And you know what? Some people might think it's crazy but if anyone has room for more cutlery! The things my heart desires most in this world can fit underneath your sink without crowding out all the other necessities like dishes and pots & pans too--so why not make use of those space-saving skills on display here?

When I found myself with a dilemma, how do you think my solution went? It was easy! All of the boards were put away and stored nicely so they could be appreciated throughout our farmhouse. Now it’s time to share some ideas on what steps we took when storing them for decorating purposes - four different strategies which will save space in any kitchen or home décor collection without sacrificing function (and beauty).

The following are some ways you can use wood cutting boards in your home decor: 

Hanging Wood Cutting Boards on the Wall

I love this idea for displaying cuttings boards in our breakfast nook. It's not only beautiful, but there are so many different sizes and shapes available! Plus it takes up less space than a traditional rack or closet system since all you need is one board per person who uses them- which means these hanging rods can be found right at hand when needed without having too much clutter surrounding your kitchen countertop area either way.

Displaying on the counter or shelf

Show off your beautiful wood cutting boards by displaying them in a group on the counter or shelf. You can use one board as background for other pieces, like bowls of fruit and candles!

Use as a riser or tray

Wooden risers and trays add warmth to the kitchen when they're used in place of standard ones. The contrast between their natural materials against cold stone is perfect for bringing out your personal style, while also warming up any space with beautiful color schemes that will make guests feel at home! I've found myself buying more cutlery after creating this project because it looks so good on top my countertops - you can never have too much bling where cuisine is concerned!!

Handmade sconces

With a little creativity and leftover parts from previous projects, you can make your own hanging jar sconce. As an added bonus it will serve as both decoration for the kitchen or breakfast nook in which they are placed and provide ambient light when turned off!

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