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It's time to clean your office desk and keep yourself in hands If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the clutter on your working space. An office organization is not a simple task. But luckily, there are a huge amount of devices that will help you to achieve zen! To make things easier for you, we’ve picked out some of the best organizers that are available.

10 best devices and ideas to organize office

To make everything simpler and more pleasant for you, we’ve organized all recommendations from desktop trays to filing systems to drawer organizers, and more. These devices will be extremely helpful in your ‘organization mission’.

Drawer organizer

The perfect tool for every person who prefers a clean and organized working space! Regardless of whether you plan to put the organizer for office supplies, the result will be awesome. Its solid wooden texture will make it a beautiful addition to any decor! Such a drawer organizer will help you to keep everything clean and well-organized.

a shelf

Expand your workspace with just a few taps of a hammer, making room to store extra tech items or books. It's also a clever way to display artwork; you can easily swap in new frames or layer pieces that you love.

Monitor stand riser with drawer

This is a magic device not only for the perfect organization but also for your help. It will help you to get rid of the neck, back, and shoulder pain. Improve your working space and keep yourself healthier than ever! Store almost all of your small office supplies like pens, notebooks, smartphones, paper, documents, etc., keeping your desk neat and tidy. A superb way to save space and decrease clutter.

Drawer organizer storage box

This wooden storage box is perfect for organizing all your stuff. Enough inner depth of a modular drawer organizer and a variety of sizes makes everything better. Forget about the mess and enjoy a clean and organized space with a wooden storage organizer. The best office desk organizers are found.

Best desk-organizing mat

This device will help you to protect a new desk from any scratches or cover the surface of an old one. A desk mat is going to be an easy solution. This mat keeps the table organized at your home, workplace, or school; and, it also provides a soft and flat writing surface, which is a bonus.

Bamboo drawer dividers

If you want to keep your drawer clean and well-organized, drawer dividers are a must. The drawer organizer from Royal Craft Wood will help to avoid a mess in any room especially in the office. Our drawer dividers will keep everything organized and tidy at all times!

Rolling storage cart

This cart has a lot of space, which is perfect for storing everything from letter openers and scissors to sales samples. It has a flat work surface on the top, and it is short enough that it can be stored under many desks.

Desktop paper tray and file holder

Stop searching through piles of documents or drawers of clutter and designate a home for your precious paperwork. Keep files, daily mail, business envelopes, and other small office products easily accessible at your fingertips with this desktop organizer combo set.  It is a neat and tidy way to keep areas clear of clutter.

Mesh desk organizer

Such a desk organizer is highly durable and stylish, fits any decor and taste, which makes it an ideal choice. With large compartments and durable mesh design, this organizer helps manage your work-station efficiently by providing you with sufficient storage options for all your essentials.

Stone desk tray

If you don’t need a three-tiered system to organize paperwork (or just don’t have as much littering your desk) you can always get by with a single tray. It looks stylish and has that open design for visibility and minimal dust-collecting.

10 DIY ideas to organize office

For every creative person, there are a lot of ways to organize a working space by themselves.

Use a pegboard

If you are a creative and crafty person, it's the right time and place to shine! Pick up a pegboard and free some space on your desk. Bonus points if you include desk supplies and decorations! Give your home office the gift of floating shelves, hanging baskets, and pretty decor with a fun and functional DIY pegboard wall. Give a personal touch to your working place. Mix in art and storage for the best of both worlds.

Stack mason jars

Hot glue together five ball mason jars as shown. Once dry tip on their side and use for spacious little cubbies for pens, pencils, staples, and other small items.

Create an organization station

Make sure you have enough space on the top of your desk to read, write, and work by hanging organizers straight to your wall. Attach a corkboard to keep your calendar, schedule, or to-do list in clear view, and fill mason jars with all of your office supplies.

Push accessories off to one side

Every desk needs a lamp, a pencil cup, and a knickknack or two, but keeping everything strewn across your desktop makes it difficult to get to work. Make sure there's a clear space to keep your computer and plenty of empty desk space to write and spread out.

Switch up the lighting

Save major surface space by using an adjustable floor lamp instead of a traditional desk lamp. Also, you can hang pendant lights above your workspace instead to shed some light on whatever you’re working on.

Repurpose wall brackets

Repurposed wall brackets make a lovely magazine, envelopes, or paper holders. The fancy look will add a touch of class to your office at home or at work.

DIY cord labels

Have you ever been working on an important project when all of a sudden, your monitor goes black? Avoid this time suck by making DIY labels for the important cords in your life. One simple hack, use colored tape to distinguish your monitor from your neighbor’s space heater.

Use magnetic knife strips for so much more.

Using the magnetic strips are a super-effective way to store just about anything metal—you won’t take up useful space on your desk or in your drawers, but you’ll still be able to access everything you need at a finger snap and it will be easier to locate your things! Use yours for metal rulers, scissors, even metal staplers, and paper/binder clips!

Hang a pinboard

Bulletin boards aren't just for schools. A well-placed pinboard can help you and your family stay organized by keeping important numbers and reminders within eyesight.

Jelly jar storage

Remove the desired shelf and place upside down on the work surface. Space the lids two inches from another. Screw, nail, or hot glue the lid in place. Return to shelf and screw in jars.

7 more organization tips for your office

There are small tips to make some improvements to your personal workspace to optimize comfort and efficiency.

Clean Up at the end of the day

Make a rule to have a quick clean up every evening after work. The most important tip to keep your home office organized is to set aside time each day to do clean your desk. Just a few focused minutes on cleaning and organizing will ensure that the following day you can start with a fresh clean, slate.

Triage your stuff

We have a cool tip for you! On Monday morning, remove nonessential items from your desktop and put them on the floor. As you get busy working, put back on your desk only what you need for completing each task. At the end of the week, find a new home for anything still on the floor.

Save the space

When you need to sign or spread out paperwork but don’t have empty space, your stress level can increase. Designate a section of your desk as a no-parking zone, and get into the habit of not letting things sit there while you aren’t working on them. This clean-up tip may require you to think vertically, such as getting a wall shelf and using it to house non-essential files and other items.

Reduce visual clutter

Even if the computer desktop itself is orderly, you may not be productive as you want if you have many icons on the computer screen that keep distracting you. Some people like using sticky notes but when they have many sticky notes on their computer screens, they get distracted a lot and they may not work efficiently as most times important things saved on the sticky notes will catch their attention.  

Add a personal touch

Put a few meaningful objects — photos, cartoons, inspirational quotes, or a favorite action figurine — on your wall, bulletin board, or desktop. But keep them to a minimum, or else your desk will look too messy and possibly unprofessional.

Go digital

Paper is still the biggest culprit of cluttered workspaces. If you haven’t done so already, move your calendar, to-do list, and memo pad to your computer — and sync them with your smartphone for greater accessibility and utility. The beauty of digital productivity tools is that they come with notification options, so you can set up alerts for meetings, appointments, and tasks.

Check under your desk

Don’t underestimate the importance of legroom. All those cords and cables under your desk don’t just contribute to the mayhem — they’re also a safety hazard. Use Velcro wraps and cord tamers to prevent tangles and give your feet more wiggle room. If you’re using the floor to store stacks of files, move them to a filing cabinet or, better yet, digitize them and shred the papers.

Final words

Declutter and get organized to boost your efficiency in your home or at work. These awesome ideas are incredibly cost-efficient as well and will help you to get yourself organized and create a clutter-free space.

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