How To Organize Jewelry: 12 Clever Organization And Storage Tips

Jewelry lovers know how hard it gets to find suitable storage for jewelry. Your necklace or bracelet can easily get tangled or lost, so when you want to wear it with the perfect outfit, last-minute troubles always come up. 

Thus, to help you tidy up your sparkling stuff, we have made a list of 12 incredible ideas to store jewelry that will make your getting-ready sessions a breeze.

Before embarking on our jewelry organization journey, you must know that the first lesson in the book of organization is to get sorted.

How Can You Get Started?

Organizing might seem like a tedious process, but it actually is fun and exciting when you have the right direction.
A great plus is that you will know where exactly your jewelry is when you need it. So how can you get started?

Get Organizers!

There are many styles of storage boxes, compartments, and other hangings that you can purchase before you start organizing your jewelry.

This can also allow you to know how to sort your jewelry. The bigger compartments or boxes can have heavier earrings as compared to the smaller boxes that can hold your hoops and studs. Thus, you must get a mix of different sizes.


After you get the right storage for jewelry, you can start sorting your jewelry. There are many ways to do this.
You can separate the gold from the silvers, color code them, or even organize every piece by size. Every girl has more than one pair of hoops in their collection, and a great idea would be to sort them by inches.

You can also wrap up the delicate silvers in tissue paper, so they don’t tarnish as easily.

In addition to this, you can also sort by style. Some compartments can be for casual wear, others for professional or party wear!

Start Putting Them Away

After you are done sorting your jewelry the way you enjoy it, you can finally end the process by putting them away into their designated compartments.

You can even use labels if you want to be extra organized; it will definitely help you appreciate and enjoy your jewelry collection more.

Creative Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

There are many creative and clever ways to make storage for jewelry. You can buy compartments to organize or even create DIY storage kits yourself.

Here are a few ways you can do this and get on your journey of an organization.

Wooden Storage

Wooden storage boxes are perhaps one of the best ways to organize your jewelry. Something about wooden finish makes everything look minimalistic, chic, and organized. It makes for a great jewelry organizer, too, since the right size boxes can slip right into your drawer and act as a concealed storage.
For example, you can get the Royal Craft Wood Drawer Organizer for storing jewelry.

The products have smaller compartments and larger sections that can store jewelry of any size. It is truly a great way to get started. The versatile designs make the wooden products a perfect fit for many places. This just doesn’t make a great jewelry drawer organizer but also ideal for storing on countertops and your dressing table too.

Besides, these natural wood products will last you much longer than a DIY project. Bamboo holds up well against moisture, which is why it is ideal for storing jewelry.

Creative Dish Display

Your jewelry storage can also turn into a chic display for your room. Many people prefer a creative dish display to organize their jewelry.

  • You can use a nice marbleized tray or a ceramic plate that complements the golds and the silvers well. You can also have an assortment of smaller and larger dishes for different sizes of jewelry.
  • Many people choose to spray paint smallholders and dishes with a range of pastel colors and paint the trim with gold. This subtle touch of colors adds a nice touch to your dressing table and also allows you to organize the jewelry in a fun way.

The creative placement also creates an aesthetic display for you to enjoy later on as well and a good thing as it doubles as an organization hack.

Hanging Jewelry Organizer

A hanging jewelry organizer is also a very popular option. There are many ways you can use shelves, wall hangings, or even custom create a DIY jewelry organizer.
You can work with plywood and paint in a color that goes with their room or dressing area. Then you can attach hooks and attach them to your wall.

It can hang hair accessories, bands, necklaces, statement pieces, bracelets, anklets, and more! It also has a cute cascading waterfall effect that looks nice on your wall.
The best part about this is that it keeps your jewelry untangled! You can use it whenever you want.

Velvet Boxes and Dishes

Velvet boxes also make a royal way of organizing jewelry. You can get a classic black velvet box and either keep it opened or closed on your vanity.

Many people prefer those boxes since it makes the jewelry look new and beautiful. Silvers and golds both look ideal against black velvet, and you can get your own custom boxes made.

Some also prefer velvet dishes and create different shapes out of them. Slits in the velvet can help with inserting different styles of jewelry too.
You can use it on your walls as a dish or even as a jewelry drawer organizer. Foam pieces lined with velvet is something that caters to all kinds of small and larger jewelry pieces you have.

Jewelry Drawer Organizers

There is a lot of variety to Jewelry Drawer organizers. There are other materials you can use instead of wooden bamboo boxes too.

While wood is recommended for its durability, suede and velvet-lined boxes are also used to make your drawers look chic and organized.
Also, you can get custom boxes that fit your drawers precisely. Suede-lined rolls are great for holding rings, expensive earrings and act as a great way to showcase your expensive jewelry.

You can organize the display and also play around with different colors of suede or velvet. A tip for you is to opt for light grey or black since it makes all colors pop.
However, the choice is completely up to you!

Coding Your Jewelry

Many people don’t often think of this, but a great way to organize your jewelry is to color code it. You can use different compartments for silvers, gold, bronze, rose gold, and other kinds of metallic tones.

Moreover, you can also have separate compartments for your reds, blues, and greens. This way, whenever you wear an outfit, you will have your choices right in front of you to enjoy!

You can spray paint dishes according to the colors you have sorted or paint them all a neutral black so you can enjoy the contrast. You can pick and choose and won’t be stuck untangling your favorite necklace last minute.

However, if color coding is not your thing, you can also code it by style.

There are many different categories of jewelry. You can separate the hoops from the studs or the statement pieces from the helix piercings.

Three Tier Jewelry Organizer

You can also use a three-tier jewelry organizer, kind of like the ones you see for cupcakes. They double as a great decoration piece for your vanity and keep your jewelry well organized.

If you don’t have an elaborate collection, then one stand would do. However, if you have a larger collection, then you can use up to 2 stands.

These organizers are great for sorting different kinds of jewelry, and you can roll them around like a lazy susan to view your options.

There are also covered three-tier organizers that act as a great option for concealed storage.

Dress Up the Objects Around You

Another fun way to display your jewelry and organize it is by dressing up the objects around your room. How about you put your necklace on your favorite childhood teddy bear or even a statue of a dog?

These statement pieces around your room add an element of fun, and the plus side is that you always know where your favorite necklace is.

You can also use a statue of a hand or a sculpture to place your rings as well. It is one of the best ideas for jewelry storage.

Get an Agenda Board

Many people might not think of this idea, but an agenda board is a great tool to hang your favorite jewelry pieces. It acts like a life-sized soft board for you to pin in anything you like.

  • You can use thumbtacks to create hook-like mechanisms. You can use that to organize your necklaces and bracelets (everything that hangs).
  • Or another great idea of jewelry storage is that you can directly pin your fav earrings on the board like thumbtacks!
  • Use a separate box in your drawer for stoppers, and you have a great system ready. You can add further touches by labeling your agenda board.

All you need is some masking tape, and you can label your “party wear’ or even simply label them by styles like ‘necklaces’ or ‘hoops.’

It looks fun and quirky and is a great way to organize your jewelry.


Compartmentalizing is key if you have a huge collection of jewelry. You can use different sized boxes in your drawer; another great way is to use small cups. If you are looking for ready-made boxes, a great recommendation would be the Royal Craft Wood Bamboo Storage Box Set. They are the perfect size to compartmentalize.

The ideal size of a cup would be a cup you would ideally use for sauces. This cup size can store a lot of little jewelry pieces. It is ideal for studs and rings too!

You can use long oval dishes for necklaces and pendants. They can keep the necklace straight, and you can view it easily when you open the drawer.
You can also use small bins and containers. This is another great hack for a jewelry drawer organizer.

Use Hooks on Frames

If you have frames on your walls, then a great way to organize your necklaces, bracelets, and anklets are to get some small hooks.

You can take multiple frames or even rods that allow you to put all kinds of different jewelry styles. This method can be used along with jewelry organizers for drawers, so you have both concealed and display storage.

This method is also ideal for those who do not have a lot of drawer or vanity space, but their walls are relatively empty.

It also helps you view your collection when you are getting dressed and get the perfect match. Isn’t it clever?

DIY Jewelry Storage

There are also many ways to great storage for jewelry with DIY methods. Many people use old egg cartons to sort their jewelry since it already has small compartments that make a great way to sort smaller jewelry.

If you are someone who enjoys delicate smaller jewelry, you would also be aware of how hard it is to keep it all organized.

You often lose the studs, and then you have all these singles since your jewelry isn’t organized in the first place. An egg carton is ideal for smaller studs and helix piercings.

Ideas for Organizing Jewelry

Jewelry organization is not that hard; all you need is the right jewelry organizers and use your creative skills. With many options available for storage for jewelry, it sure becomes challenging to opt for the right one or ones, but since we have shared some of the easiest, quirkiest, and simple jewelry storage ideas, this wouldn’t be a problem.

So, how did you like our ideas for organizing jewelry?

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