20 great Christmas gifts for gin lovers

Gin gifts are the perfect way to show how well you know the gin lover in your life this Xmas. The gin lover in your life would never turn down a good bottle of their favorite drink. But that’s not the only option. Here you will find great gift ideas for gin drinkers.

The best gifts for gin drinkers

We've rounded up some of the best books, art, accessories, and, of course, the favorite bottles that are sure to make your gin lover’s wish list this holiday.

Mermaid pink gin

The most beautiful and gorgeous bottle of gin is found! You would probably buy it for the 'gram possibilities alone. MERMAID PINK GIN! Isn’t it an awesome gift idea? 

Gin-making kit

This kit helps to make your high-quality gin at home, perfect for mixing cocktails. This kit contains everything a gin-lover needs to transform a bottle of vodka into a unique, delicious home blend of gin.

Cutting board set

Where to cut a lime for this awesome drink? Right! Your gin drinkers should definitely have a great and high-quality bamboo cutting board!  It is water- and juice-resistant, antibacterial, and, most importantly, chemical-free. 3 boards set - a small board on a trip, a medium-sized one for small chopping tasks like lime, and the big one during party meal prep. You can choose Royal Craft Wood Organic bamboo cutting board with juice groove(3-Piece Set).

Gin poster

A great gift idea! A minimalist cocktail poster featuring classic and popular gin-based cocktails. Not only a themed present but also a great piece of decor.

Carry-on cocktail kit

Make it a smooth flight with gin & tonics for two when carrying on this personal cocktail kit. Your gin lover will definitely enjoy this gift! It is stylish and really useful.

Custom gin sign

An authentic retro style and a vintage distressed effect which adds to its retro weathered look and charm with this sign. You can add any name or a quote to make it special.

Pink gin & tonic glass necklace

This gorgeous little glass is filled with a generous pink gin and tonic and topped with ice cubes and slices of lemon. Delicious! You can buy a set of these glasses to make a great party with gin!

Dry gin

If you're looking for something straightforward, a bottle of Tanqueray is a solid choice. Try to find something that they haven’t tested yet.

Water bottle

For anyone who agrees making cocktails is enough of an arm workout. The bottle with a fun quote will be great! Your gin lover can take this bottle to the gym, for a walk or just leave at the car. Useful and funny gift.

The gin and chocolate gift

What can be better than gin and chocolate? It is a great match. You can choose a collection of gin-flavored chocolates and our original, small-batch Cocoa Gin.

Fruit flavors for gin & tonic

Every gin lover will be so happy to get this present! All they need to do is drop an infusion bag into a glass with gin and let infuse for 3 minutes. After that add tonic and ice. That’s awesome! Stir and enjoy it.

Bathtub caddy

Yes, you can definitely gift this present for a gin lover. A home spa with a glass of gin is a perfect idea. A bathtub caddy tray will help keep all the essentials everyone needs close by. They can drink gin and rest in the bath. Awesome! You can choose the best  bath tray from Royal Craft Wood. 

Gin: a global history

A true connoisseur will appreciate this history of their favorite spirit—just what they need to accompany their after-work drink.

Gin & tonic lip balm

With this lip balm, they can enjoy gin and tonic when they want. These lip balms are a totally natural product, kind to the lips and fun to give as a gift to your gin & tonic loving friends!

Mixology course

This private class will teach your favorite gin-lover everything they need to know to mix up the best cocktails ever. Every gin lover will be shocked by this present for Christmas!

Spectacular tonic water

What does every gin lover need to make a great cocktail? Great tonic water, right! It is intensely carbonated to help make your gin blend truly shine. 

The world atlas of Gin

For everyone and anyone who wants to understand more about gin, this is the definitive guide. This book will show all the best gins the world has to offer. Your gin lover will find great stories about the history and production methods, and the countries that have helped make gin achieve global success.

A journey

Why not book a voucher for a Gin Journey? Brighton, Chester, London, Prague. Choose your favorite! A lot of gins, bars, and fun! A gin bus to get you from a to b. Isn’t it cool? Traveling+gin= perfect gift idea!

Gin Christmas baubles

Such a fun gift idea! A set of six colorful baubles are filled with 50ml of the classic gin. Can you imagine this? Ha! It is one of the best gifts of all the presents ideas! These baubles are perfect for decorating the Christmas tree. Yummy, so delicious!


Oh yeah! Your friend will definitely be thankful for this gift! With such an awesome and stylish flask, he\she can drink their favorite gin everywhere!

Christmas gin drinkers gifts

From old-fashioned to reinvented, gin has a delicious botanical flavor for the masses. These presents for gin lovers are really great! They will be pleased that you know what they definitely like and want to get for Christmas.

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