8 tips for keeping kitchen knives sharp

The tools that you use in the kitchen are an important part of the cooking process. Your knives, in particular, see a lot of use. Even the normal wear and tear of just using your knives will dull them over time. But a few simple tips can keep them sharp longer. Everyone needs some time to learn and get some practice on how to maintain a sharp knife. The plus is that it won’t take up too much time. Here are 8 easy ways to keep your kitchen knives sharp and ready for use.

1. Sharpening steel

If you bought a set of kitchen knives, it may have come with a sharpening tool. There are different styles. It may be a long metal stick-like device that assists in sharpening the metal blade of your knife without removing a large amount of metal.
How to use the sharpener? You should move the knife across the top of the rod from the knife’s heel to its tip. Repeat on the bottom of the rod on the other side of the knife blade (repeat 6-8 times). The more you practice, the faster you will be able to accomplish this task.

2. The right cutting board

The choice of cutting boards can dramatically improve your knife’s ability to stay sharp. The best choice for keeping your knives sharp is a wooden cutting board. The wood is soft enough that it does less damage to your cutting edge. The best type of wooden cutting board is bamboo. This style is durable but allows the knife to slide between the vertical wood fibers. Bamboo won't cause excessive wear and tear to cutlery. The bamboo board is made from organic material with no pesticides. It resists staining and bacteria growth and will keep your knives sharp. Great choice.

3. Wash your knife by hand

Do you know that many people throw their knives in the dishwasher? This may seem like a great plan to get knives properly clean. But the barrage of heat and water across your blades can dull them quickly. If you want to keep your knife sharp and in good condition take the time to thoroughly wash it by hand. Washing them by hand should help them to stay sharp longer.

4. Store your knife properly

Improper storage is another culprit of dulling knives. A lot of homeowners just toss their good knives in with many other kitchen utensils. Your knives should have a dedicated storage spot all to themselves. You can dedicate a whole drawer just to your knives. Wooden blocks or knife blocks are also great places to store them. They can be useful for a whole set of knives and sharpening steel.

5. Proper knife usage

In order to keep a chef’s knife sharp, it is also important to avoid using it as a pry bar, hammer, screwdriver or any other tool. Knives should only be used for their intended purpose… cutting! Do not use it for any other purposes.

6. Never use it to slice bread

A serrated blade’s saw-like edge is designed to get through bread’s crunchy exterior without crushing the tender inside. In contrast, the chef’s knife may slip and slide (which puts your fingers at risk), but also that hard crust will actually damage your sharp knife.

7. Forget about slicing frozen foods

Another useful tip to keep your knives sharp is to avoid slicing frozen foods. Instead, have a little patience and let it thaw first. Otherwise, that super expensive and great steel blade could chip when it hits them hard, a frozen block of food.

8. Don’t cut on a glass or marble cutting board

It’s true that these cutting boards are a breeze to clean. However, the most important reason not to use these boards is that they dull your knife faster. Avoid glass or marble cutting boards and don’t cut directly on ceramic plates. These cutting surfaces are just too hard for knives. Constant chopping and slicing on these boards will dull even the highest quality kitchen knives.

How to keep kitchen knives sharp

Knives are a very important part of your kitchen cooking routine. Your tools will last longer if you take care of your knives, store them properly and use them on the appropriate surfaces. You should remember that after sharpening your knife you need to quickly rinse it with water and dry it with a soft towel. This will help to remove any excess metal shavings. The appropriate usage of Japanese knives is important. Enjoy the sharpness of your blades and see the results in your cooking routine!


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