TOP 25 Valentine’s day gifts for your pregnant wife

Unsure what Valentine’s Day gift to buy for your pregnant wife? Are you looking for a unique and special gift? Well, we put together the best pregnancy gifts you can give to your pregnant wife for any occasion. Here you will definitely find the best Valentine gift for your pregnant wife or girlfriend. 

Great Valentine gift ideas for your pregnant wife

What does every pregnant woman want for Valentine's Day? Sentimental, helpful, and realistic gifts. Some of those options include a pregnancy pillow, home cleaning service, and a spa treatment. But we have more ideas too

1. Prenatal massage

Massage therapy is one of the best methods for relieving aches and pains. Prenatal massage helps reduce stress and anxiety, and can even improve the outcome of labor. But it is really important to find a qualified prenatal massage therapist before purchasing a gift for your pregnant wife. The best specialists will use Swedish Massage to relax stiff muscles and improve circulation through the application of mild pressure.

2. Maternity clothes 

The second and third trimester is the hardest for choosing clothes. Therefore, it is a great idea to buy something that is both stylish and comfortable to make her happy. If you don’t know where to find the perfect one, simply buy her a gift certificate to a hip maternity store that she will love.

3. Bathtub caddy

A gift that encourages her to take time to herself and chill out is always going to be the best. That's why she'll be wowed that you got her Royal Craft Wood's Luxury Bathtub Caddy. It comes with a waterproof book or tablet holder, a cup slot and two removable trays for bath accessories. Plus, this bath tray is available in different colors, you can choose your favorite here.

4. Maternity or baby photoshoot

Research maternity and baby photographers and give a pregnant friend or partner a gift certificate for a shoot! She will remember this for the rest of her life. Memories are the best present.

5. Date night  

Are you on a tight budget? It is not a problem, don’t worry. Every woman, especially whey are pregnant, wants to feel emotional support and comfort from their partner. Give your wife a homemade gift certificate for a date night and give her your undivided attention. Even something as simple as a home-cooked meal for two will help your wife to relax and relieve stress during pregnancy.

6. Grabber

It is not only a funny gift idea but also really useful. No kidding! This grabber as a gift idea for a pregnant lady is awesome! Pair it with a basket full of her favorite snacks and treats.

7. Herbal tea

Herbal tea will not only help to relax and ease the pain but will also protect the health of a future mom. If herbal teas are her jam it is an awesome gift idea. There are special ones for the third trimester, heartburn, stress, etc. so there’s one for all that ails her. Pair it with a fun mug like one that says ‘there’s a chance this is wine’.

8. Sleepwear

Comfortable sleepwear is the key to happiness. Choose the one which is suitable for both maternity and nursing yet look pretty and feminine. Nothing lifts spirits like clean, nice pajamas.

9. Pregnancy pillow

We think everyone on the planet agrees that there is nothing more pleasant than a pregnancy pillow. It is the best friend for every woman. If you can find the best maternity pillow, your girlfriend will be so happy, we swear. So, this is the perfect Valentine's Day present. Search for some options on the Internet read some reviews and choose the best for your special lady.

10. Lingerie

Just because your lady is pregnant doesn’t mean she can’t be rocking some awesome lingerie. Bodies change a lot before, during and after pregnancy. Therefore, a gift card is a good idea.

11. Pregnancy journal

A very special and intimate gift. A pregnancy journal is a keepsake that will be special to a mother throughout the entirety of their children's lives. Such journals have plenty of space to write and even places to include pictures. 

12. Video baby monitor

Say hello to a monitor that actually has a video feed. You and your wife can see and hear your baby, allowing for a new mom’s peace of mind. Give her the gift of certainty and security by buying this monitor. 

13. Comfy maternity pants

It is a must-have for every pregnant woman. The maternity yoga pants are comfortable and look really nice. Your wife will practically live in them. Maternity pants will make her bump feel secure and comfortable. 

14. Cooling and energizing leg gel

Because pregnancy is a pain in the… legs. This incredible gel would also make an awesome gift-basket addition with some comfy socks, magazines, and snacks to help a tired mama relax at the end of the day.

15. Glider

As a necessity in any nursery, a glider is essential for the mother, the child, and the father. Coming in many different shades, this glider will complete your nursery. Comfortable, practical, and durable, this is a chair that any expecting mother will swoon over.

16. Nursing pillow

Your wife or girlfriend will use this nursing pillow to comfortably breastfeed your little one. She can use this nursing pillow to breastfeed your kids when they are little. Because of how convenient they are for breastfeeding, she will enjoy having one.

17. Heating pad

A wonderful, useful gift for your expecting wife, the heating pad heats up in just thirty seconds for quick comfort. The heating pad allows your wife to heat and heal her entire back, stomach, or problem area. But pregnant or not, a heating pad is perfect for anyone with muscle aches, back pain, and stomach cramps.

19. Maternity belt

Being pregnant can easily cause a lot of backaches and pains. However, a belly support belt can help alleviate this pain. Get your wife the belly support she needs. Happy wife, happy life!

19. Flowers

It's important to make your last Valentine's Day as a two-person family special. That's why gifting your future child's mother something that has nothing to do with her pregnancy is also important. Making her feel like a queen can be done easier than you think. Flowers are a  great option. A huge bouquet will be amazing!

20. Baby carrier

Every future mother understands that it is important to have “free hands” after having your baby. And this is where a baby carrier comes in. The good thing about a great baby carrier is that it can be used for both infants and toddlers.

21. A gift card to a spa

A very cool thing you can do is to surprise her with a visit to the spa. She will relax, forget about the pain and enjoy some time for herself. Who doesn’t like a spa? You will be the hero :) 

22. House cleaning gift certificate

There's really no gift like saving a mom-to-be and her partner the stress of having to clean up their home while they're prepping for the birth or caring for a newborn! And plenty of nationwide and local maid services offer gift certificates. Boom!

23. Bath and body box

This gift box is filled with products that will allow your wife to indulge in an at-home luxury spa experience. It can include handmade soaps, body oils, butter, and much more. Plus, you can give her a year subscription too. Every month has a new plethora of products, and your wife will be able to pamper herself when she needs it most.

24. Baby blanket

It is useful and really the must-have item for your future daughter or son. Choose a soft, durable and cute baby blanket made of high-quality materials. 

25. Pregnancy book

This book will provide your wife with a realistic view of pregnancy and what she can expect. Actress Jenny McCarthy spares no humiliating and raunchy detail in her book that any woman or mother can enjoy! Laughing off the worst and best that a pregnant woman endures, this humorous book will lighten your wife’s mood when she is feeling down during pregnancy.

Awesome Valentine’s Day gifts for pregnant women

Valentine’s Day is a very special occasion. Therefore, it’s important to consider Valentine’s gifts for your pregnant wife so carefully! It’s the one day of the year when you show your special lady just how much you care. With our gift guide, you will be her hero.

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