You were taking a bath and after ten minutes you started getting a little bored. Sounds familiar? Isn’t it great to combine taking a relaxing bath with other thing you love – a glass of wine, a favorite Netflix show, or a good book? Sure? This post is definitely for you!

Bathtub Caddy: Seven Reasons to Buy

  Making the time to enjoy a warm bath at home could be one of the best things you do for yourself – even if it is only once a week! Here are some reasons to start enjoying a bath today:

1. Improve sleep

  Did you know that almost 65% of Americans have sleeping problems? If you want to improved your sleep, we know how to help. Just take a bath! It may be all you need. Bathing before bedtime raises body temperature. Once you are out of the bath, your body temperature lowers. This signals your body that it is time to rest, and you will gradually start to feel sleepy.
  Useful tip for you: add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your carrier oil or bath bubbles for an even more relaxing effect.

2. Cope with muscle tension and pain

  A warm (not hot!) bath is a great way to relax muscles and promote healing.Adding some Dead Sea salt can be beneficial to arthritis sufferers in particular. Why is it so helpful? Salt water reduces inflammation in those who suffer from arthritis pain and improves circulation.

3. Soothe dry skin

  Baths also help make skin soft and well-groomed. How? Use colloidal oatmeal that will not sink to the bottom of the tub but remain suspended in the bathwater. Run warm water into your tub and add the oatmeal under running water. Oatmeal baths protect the skin, locking in moisture, balancing pH, and providing a barrier against external irritants.

4. Decrease stress

The one of the greatest effects of a warm bath is the way it reduces overall tension in the body and mind. Just take a meditation bath.
Step 1: add calming essential oils such as lavender, sandalwood, German chamomile, or sweet marjoram.
Step 2: dim the lights and burn a calming candle to get deep relaxation.

Things that all bath lovers know to be true:

  1. It is ideal to stay in the bath tub until your fingers and toes resemble prunes

  2. You definitely have a bath tray and pillow.

  3. You prefer to be prepared before getting in the tub (OMG!) otherwise the bathroom floor will get soaking wet when you get out to grab the item you forgot

  4. Candles are a must have in your bath! Of course, you need different candles for different moods

  5. You have a special bath playlist

  6. You WILL choose to keep your bath plans even if a friend invites you out for fun plans


Why you should choose a bamboo bathtub caddy. 


You were taking a bath and after ten minutes you started getting a little bored. Does it seem there was just way more to do in the tub as a kid? You can have a similarly fun experience as an adult – you just need the right accessories. Simply place the caddy over your bathtub and enjoy your “me time”! Don’t believe us?


7 reasons to buy a bathtub caddy

  1. Read a magazine or book. Combine these awesome things!
  2. Netflix and “Me” Time. You can lay back and relax in a warm bath while watching you favorite Netflix show. Isn’t it perfect?

  3. Plan your day. The bath is an an excellent place to think and plan! So, take a planner with you to journal and get your thoughts down on paper. With a bathtub caddy you don’t have to worry about having something to lean on.

  4. Spa time. Apply a face mask or do a manicure or pedicure. Just take your necessary mani/pedi supplies and do your nails. In the bath! Perfect!

  5. Be alone. You are so tired and want to have some peaceful time without kids, husband, or the 100 questions per hour? A bath is a great solution! P.S. our bathtub caddy has a wine glass holder, if you know what we mean!

  6. Experience aromatherapy. Just use some essential oils, candles, and relaxing music to make everything right!

  7. Practice your karaoke. Every woman can be a star! Load your favorite songs onto your phone or iPod, place it on the bath caddy, and sing along with your favorite tunes.


Actually, it is easy enough and doesn’t take much time. We have a longer article on the topic, but here’s a reminder:
  Step 1: Wash your bamboo bath caddy with soap and water. After washing your bamboo bathtub caddy, dry it completely with a towel and allow it to air dry.
  Step 2: Oiling is necessary to maintain its shine and durability. You may also use ph neutral floor cleanser or oil soap to smooth on the bamboo tub caddy and then remove the soap with a damp soft cloth and towel dry.

Tip for you:

Use a mixture of vinegar and water; add ¼ cup of vinegar to one quart of water. Simply wipe your caddy down with a cloth that has been dampened in the mixture. The vinegar scent dissipates quickly or you may add an essential oil for a more pleasant scent. Also, we recommend lavender oil as it’s antiseptic and has a calming scent! Sure, you may also use a few drops of mild dish cleaning soap added to a half-gallon of water. Use a soft sponge or cloth dampened with the solution and wipe your caddy down. An old soft toothbrush may be used for difficult-to-reach spots. A few drops of linseed oil, or flax seed oil, on a dry cloth will add a shine to your bamboo caddy and help maximize its years of use.


Put the bamboo tub caddy in the dishwasher. The warmth and water will cause the wood to warp and void warranties from most manufacturers. Dunk or allow the caddy to stand in water. The wood will soak up water and warp. Use bleach. This will stain the caddy and/or excessively dry the wood. Leave a wet bamboo caddy flat to dry. If the board dries on only one side, it will cause the bamboo to warp.

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