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Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set

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A bamboo cheese board with a knife is the perfect addition to any home! Get ready to make memories with your friends over a beautiful spread of freshly-cut cheeses, meats, and crackers! The bamboo surface will keep your knives sharp! This large wooden cheese board and knives set functions as a spacious area to serve a wide range of delicious indulgences. No need to worry your baguette will smell like salami and blue cheese. The anti-odor and antimicrobial properties of organic bamboo will prevent that. Feel free to try different cheeses without being afraid of staining your serving tray. Perfect gift for any occasion.


  • The ideal cheese platter: Whether you need a charcuterie board for a picnic or a serving tray for your wine and cheese night, this versatile cheese board will spruce up any event! Due to the non-absorbent and odor-free surface, you’ll never have to worry about your crackers tasting like blue cheese.
  • Clutter-free fun: The efficient design lets you make the most of your dining space without your guests feeling cramped. This large cheese board includes a knife set and an internal cutlery drawer so your guests can enjoy your next gathering in a safe space with the knives securely stowed away.
  • Great for pairing: Ever dreamed of hosting your own tasting? Gather around the table with your friends and get creative while setting up the perfect cheese tray! Pair different cheeses with fresh fruit, nuts, cured meats, crackers, and a variety of wines to make a beautiful spread and a memorable meal.
  • Environmentally conscious: If you currently follow or are interested in leading a more sustainable lifestyle, this 100% natural wood platter is the perfect place to start. The smooth bamboo surface makes for a clean-cut, and easy cleanup, and a sleek centerpiece for your next wine and cheese night!
  • The perfect gift: It’s no secret that finding the perfect gift can be tough, especially for that friend who already has everything! Due to bamboo wood’s naturally bacteria-resistant and antimicrobial properties, this cheese board is a low-maintenance, durable, and high-quality housewarming gift!


The unique and elegant handcrafted design makes this bamboo cheese board with knife special. Stainless steel cutlery set with a hidden storage drawer will be a perfect and useful gift for everyone. Organic, bacteria-resistant bamboo wood will last for years. Whether you’re a food stylist or a cheese gourmand, making a beautiful, picture-perfect wine and cheese board has never been simpler. With the useful side slots on each side of the tray, you can decorate your cheese cutting board with an array of fruits, nuts, crackers, and more!


  • Unique and elegant handcrafted design
  • Useful side-slots for meat and crackers
  • Stainless steel cutlery set with hidden storage drawer
  • Organic, bacteria-resistant bamboo wood
  • 5-year money-back guarantee

Additional information

Package dimensions

17.2 x 11.2 x 1.5 inches

item weight

5.15 pounds



12 reviews for Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set

  1. Ashley S

    I love that this board has grooves to hold crackers and I get 2 boards to effectively create a charcuterie board for a party. This large cheese board includes a knife set and an internal cutlery drawer. Extremely convenient to use! Love the quality, design and eco-friendly material.

  2. Zapstar66

    Loved the design of this cheese board! Received compliments on its look and how handy it is! Definitely going to keep it in mind for future gifts. Well worth the buy and great price!

  3. Michelle B

    This board is so neat with the branded cheese names on it. I liked it so much I ordered as a gift and one for me too. At the holidays had a lot of compliments on it. Was easy to clean.

  4. Rbar

    Excellent quality cheeseboard that is perfect for serving cheese, charcuterie, or even for an appetizer display. The sides are indented so the foods can be separated and the design is nice. Highly recommend.

  5. Bev

    Item displays food nicely, washes easily and easy storage. Also makes a nice gift.
    Made of bamboo complements any event.

  6. Alison S

    Looks great, very sturdy, and makes my charcuterie presentation much better!

  7. Katherine Degar

    I love my cheeseboard! It’s beautiful, easy to clean, and makes a great platter for when I have guests over.

  8. Jessica Marroquin

    Gifted this to my Fiancé now that he’s become a wine connoisseur and he loved it! It’s even more beautiful in person.

  9. desiree

    I’ve been using my cheese board for two months pretty regularly. It’s a beautiful, sturdy board that holds a large assortment of cheese. I especially love the two ends where I can nicely place crackers and nuts. As long as I follow the instructions on how to care for my cheese board, I can see it lasting a very long time.

  10. Danielle

    Great cheese board! High quality, easy to clean, got so many compliments! Doesn’t stain from any meats or cheeses (the grease) it’s really a great find! Highly suggested!

  11. TA

    I absolutely love this set! It’s so sturdy and the utensils are a bonus. It’s the perfect size for a small get together.

  12. aisha

    It was just what I was looking for..

  13. Mark Evenchik

    Great craftmanship, perfect size for charcutier!

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