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Premium Bamboo Spices Organizer for Kitchen Storage, 4-tier

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Royal Craft Wood offers another flagship product – a 4-tier spice organizer in a drawer for the best storage and organization of your favorite spices. This time, everything is in one place, within your hand reach, well-organized, and collected. Enjoy the 4-tier bamboo spice rack outstanding performance in the kitchen. This product is a must-have for any chef, cordon bleu, helicopter mom, or grandma who’s into cooking spicy, delicious meals, and for whom the organization means the world. Smart design, incredible easy to use, and the quality make this bamboo spice rack drawer tray a no-brainer for kitchens out there!


  • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: The 4-tier concept of this bamboo spices organizer provides extra space for optimal storage and organization of your spices. Built-in angled shelves make the bottles easily accessible and the labels on them – super readable. The spice rack fits in any kitchen design & can be stored in pantries, cabinets, on shelves, or countertops.
  • IDEAL FOR SPICES COLLECTION – The 4-tier bamboo spice rack fits a 22 x 14 x 4.5 inches size drawer, which is just the thing for people collecting huge collections of spices. The brand made it 13.5’’ x 17’’ x 2’’, 3.75’’ sized, keeping in mind your possible cooking needs. There are places you can place herbs, salts, peppers, and baking supplies as well!
  • SMART CONVENIENCE OF USING – The spice organizer in a drawer makes your food preparation quick and efficient. The tiered design makes it easy to spot the right bottle, read the contents, and use exactly what you need. From now on, enjoy your spice sets collected and neatly arranged in one place.
  • BUILT TO LAST & SERVE – Nothing can beat the classic, stylish look of this wooden bamboo spice rack drawer tray. It is super sturdy, water-resistant, durable, and made of 100% organic bamboo – the best antimicrobial and odor-proof material out there. The spice rack will outlast most kitchen utensils, making you a dedicated fan of the brand.


This premium bamboo 4-tier bamboo spice rack was designed to help store and organize spice bottles in the drawer of pantries, cabinets, on shelves, or countertops. Smart tiered design with size diversity, classic, durable surface with premium characteristics, and the product is easy to use this is what makes it stand out from the crowd of counterparts.

Key features:

  • 4-tier design for thoughtful storage
  • Ideal for spice collections
  • Substantial and water-resistant build
  • Durable and sustainable material
  • Best antimicrobial and odor-proof wood
  • 100% natural bamboo


Additional information

Item weight

2.55 pounds

Package Dimensions

17.3 x 13.9 x 2.3 inches


100% bamboo

5 reviews for Premium Bamboo Spices Organizer for Kitchen Storage, 4-tier

  1. PS from Florida

    This spice rack is a well-made product. It fits my drawer perfectly. It is a nice addition to my newly remodeled kitchen.

  2. Julia

    I recently moved into a house with less cabinet space but several drawers. This spice drawer organizer was exactly what I needed. It freed up cabinet space for larger items. The organizer is well made, sturdy, and arrived quickly. Very happy with this purchase!

  3. Soccer mom

    I was looking for a quality wood drawer spice rack which hard to know when buying online. This is the one to buy. Very happy with my purchase. Thank you.

  4. JAGLO

    I love using spices. I hate trying to find the one I need in the cabinet. So when I recently bought a new house, one of the first things I looked for was a functional spice rack. Not one you hang or spin – I never liked those. The spices got all greasy and dirty from cooking, being out on the counter. Or if they hung, they were not very stable and spices jostled around when you grabbed one. This spice rack is placed in a drawer and has tons of room for my spices. I love, love, LOVE IT!

  5. Ruth Roberts

    This is an amazing spice rack, I have never been so organized as I have with this product. It is amazing quality and sturdy.

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