Natural Bamboo Bathtub Caddy/Bath Serving Tray for 2 - ROYAL CRAFT WOOD

Natural Bamboo Bathtub Caddy/Bath Serving Tray for 2

(13 customer reviews)


  • NEWEST DESIGN TRAY with our usual highest quality standard 100% Eco Friendly Natural Bamboo
  • MULTI USE FUNCTIONS for Convenient Accessory Stuff Placement
  • BED AND BATH USE For Relaxing, Comfortable, and Pleasurable Experience
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE. 28.75 INCHES wide. Easy Movement and Function
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. We take pride in the quality of our bathtub caddy and offer 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE in case it fails to live up to your expectations! 


Another Luxury Product from ROYAL CRAFT WOOD.

Natural Bamboo Bed and Bath Water Resistant Caddy Serving Tray Organizer for Cell Phone, Electronics and Accessories is the best way to start enjoying your time in an organized, comfortable and efficient way.


  • 2 Round Slots for Candles or Soap
  • 2 Slide in Slots for Drink Glasses
  • 2 Side Trays for Accessories or Food
  • 1 Long Slot for iPad and 2 Cell Phones
  • 4 lbs, 28.75” in wide
  • Bath Friendly: Designed to be resistant to water and comfortable to use in the bathtub. With 2 round trays for candles and 2 slots for glasses for you and your partners favorite beverages.

Best Way to Serve: surprise your spouse with everything organized and within. Enjoy a picnic for two!

Bed Friendly: Can be used as a Lap Desk Slate tray for comfortable use in bed and supporting proper posture and organization.

Organizational and Functional: Plenty of compartments, slots, and trays for Beverage, Food, Electronics, and Accessories.

The Perfect Gift! This exclusive present will make someone thank you for a long time.

Highest Quality Eco Friendly Organic Bamboo that will last.

Treat yourself to a Luxury Lifestyle. Get yours Today!

13 reviews for Natural Bamboo Bathtub Caddy/Bath Serving Tray for 2

  1. Kelly Richardson

    Wonderful present!

  2. Olivia

    Best tray ever. Now I can easily make a romantic atmosphere and take a bath with my husband and wine. He was shocked when saw this tray, glasses of wine, candles and bath with bubbles. It is a perfect purchase for every bath lover and for amazing ‘me time’ or romantic date.

  3. Jack

    I love everything about this tray! It is durable, stylish and really worth buying product. My wife love watching some TV programs while bathing (so risky person, ha), therefore it is the best tray ever – now her Iphone is in safe! Thank you for such cool product and great service.

  4. KimesdarK

    I love it! Make a romantic atmosphere with this cutie is easier than ever. The bamboo is so smooth and sturdy, good designed. The quality is A+. The style and design is brilliant. Thank you for this tray.

  5. Alex

    I love this bathtube tray. The quality is excellent, the natural bamboo color is good looking and really stylish. I’m very happy with this purchase and highly recommend it.

  6. Bailey

    Buying a bath tray was something I spent a long time deciding on. As someone who uses baths as a way to de-stress after long days, searching for the best fit for me was important. So, after weeks of thinking I decided to go with the Royal Craft Wood Natural Bamboo Bathtub Caddy/Bath Serving Tray. I was incredibly excited when it came and was a lot more hefty and well built than I would have imagined. There were no defects or issues and it even came with 4 silicone grips. I used the tray and it was absolutely wonderful! I brought in a few snacks, my phone, my laptop, and even a candle and lighter and it all fit perfectly on the tray with still extra room. There was no slipping of the tray itself, it sat right in place and was easy to pull closer or push back while positioned on the tub. It is also pretty to look at and with a nice finish, there is no worrying about splinters or rough patches.A MUST BUY! 🙂 I am looking forward to using it for a long time!

  7. S.G.D

    Better quality than expected. When I take a bath with a bath bomb, book, drink, and phone for music. I’m in heaven and don’t have to worry about anything falling. It’s great to bring everything and have it safely in reach. This was a great splurge. No buyers remorse at all. This should last for years.

  8. Krystina

    Love this! I always like taking long baths and always had my gamepad set up on the toilet to watch tv and movie. Now it’s right in front of me so much easier to see. Plus it holds a lot of stuff!

  9. Carly M Kish

    I never know I needed and have used every day 🙂 I don’t use this only in the bathtub because it fits perfectly on my bed. It has a great spot for an iPad, book, journal, and a lovely spot to slide a wine glass in.

  10. Alicia Alvarado

    For not having space around my tub for baths this caddy is wonderful! Must buy for someone who enjoys bubbles baths or just relaxing watching Netflix in the bath. This caddy feels and looks so good on my tub.

  11. Angela Zmuda

    Good measurements. Nice design.
    I love this thing. It’s built very sturdy and beautifully detailed. I use it every time I take a bath and have not had any issues.

  12. Kyle

    This is a high quality and craftsmanship gift. It made the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. My wife ordered 3 more for friends to give as presents. Highly recommend!

  13. LORI B.

    While we are using it for a display, loved how it had all the amenities to it for a display for what everyone should have…. a few moments of relaxation in their tub!

  14. Tifani McCauley

    this makes baths so much better. i can read or watch a movie on my tablet. this has enough room for a small plate on one side to place a snack or desert. i use it for different drinks and my phone as well. fits across a bath tub with an inset on the inside area of the tub/shower.

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