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Extendable Drawer Organizer, Bamboo

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  • EXTENDABLE KITCHEN DRAWER ORGANIZER. Royal Craft Wood silverware organizer can be placed in the drawers of all sizes – it is adjustable so that fits like a glove.
  • 9 SLOT SILVERWARE TRAY with grooved drawer dividers in-between designed for maximum capacity and ultra convenience.
  • REINFORCED BASE AND DEEP COMPARTMENTS ensure durability of flatware drawer organizer and extra space for kitchen utensils. Use every slot in the most efficient way – everything you need at a hand’s reach.
  • ORGANIC BAMBOO WOOD. The bamboo drawer organizer is absolutely eco- and health-friendly – it’s made from 100% sustainable organic bamboo
  • EASY TO CLEAN CUTLERY TRAY. Keeping kitchen utensil holder as good as new is easy – cleaning it with damp cloth is absolutely enough.


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Extendable Bamboo Kitchen Utensil Organizer 

Key Features:

  • 100% bamboo
  • Expandable
  • Eco-friendly

12 reviews for Extendable Drawer Organizer, Bamboo

  1. Amy

    Very sturdy design, doesn’t move around like my old plastic kitchen utensil organizer did.

  2. Nancy_17

    I love it so much. Really useful to keep everything you need in hand while cooking. Bought one more for my mom, she uses it for her jewelry and it looks really nice:)
    Drawer made of durable and stylish bamboo, heavy enough and looks like really high-quality item.

  3. Melissa_25

    I was looking for qualitable, wood and attractive drawer to organize my kitchen. And finally I get everything I was looking for.
    Pros: The wood is solid and sturdy, I love it! I have a bamboo cutting board from this brand too 🙂 It can be used not only for kitchen utensils. Plus for me, as I have always lack of time: you don’t need to clean in some specific way. I use damp cloth to clean it up and that takes few minutes. Also, you can adjust the sizes of an organizer as you like. Therefore, don’t worry about the size:) Stylish and eye-catching.
    Cons: Want to see another colors of drawer. Maybe dark brown. It will be perfect 🙂 But, it’s not so important, just my wish!

  4. Apsara

    Why why why didn’t I buy this sooner!? I love it so much. When I open the silverware drawer now it’s magical. Nothing sliding around, no wasted space. I LOVE that it’s adjustable. I love that it looks classy. Ugh I’m so adult now. Lol. I just had NO IDEA that I could love a silverware drawer soooo much. If you can’t tell already, I recommend this product.

  5. Kristopher Tate

    I love this drawer organizer. Well made and useful product. It helped to optimize our drawer space while also getting control over the usual kitchen drawer clutter.
    Has a different design than other silverware organizers I was on Amazon and an extra slot which is a nice bonus!
    It is adjustable, so no worries about the size. This organizer perfectly fits out drawer.
    Easy to clean. Really huge plus! I am cleaning it with damp cloth twice a week.
    Stylish. Looks great and I love this natural color.
    Convenient. Everything is on hand and I don’t need to waste my time searching for a spoon or anything else we need while cooking or serving a table.
    High-quality product. This is a really sturdy, nice organizer.
    You need to storage only dry kitchen utensils and silverware for a long-term usage of bamboo drawer organizer.

  6. KPDuquesne

    Thick, sturdy bamboo. Hopefully bamboo will be better than the thin plastic one that our knives broke through. Easily holds settings for 12. Plenty of room for extra long bread knives and utensils. Total outside dimension, with sides fully extended, is 20 inches. Front to back total dimension is 17.5 inches. Clean, smooth finish. Turned ours around from advertised picture to access small items that would have been too far under the counter top when drawer was fully extended.

  7. A. Wager

    Just bought a new house, and decided to go with a better organizer than the plastic ones I’ve always used. This one expands and fits perfectly into the drawer and the bamboo is beautiful. It seems very sturdy and heavier than I expected. It should last for years. There are definitely enough slots for all of my silverware and when I open the drawer, it looks classy! Definitely worth the money and I’d recommend!

  8. Winifred Morales

    As I’m cooking every day, it was quite difficult for me to run back and forth to my cutlery tray and dig out spoons, forks, etc. Seeing my mom struggle with the problem, too, I decided to get this kitchen drawer organizer.
    So far I love it. For one thing, there’s a dedicated space for all kinds of cutlery. I love the look of this organizer, it plays really well with my drawer. I enjoy the fact that the drawer is easy to clean, the wood seems to last well and not crack. I think it’s an amazing thing for those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

  9. Jessica Bjerke

    So hard to find a bamboo utensil holder with FIVE smaller holders for the actual utensils (big + little spoon, big + little fork, and butter knives). I loved the look of bamboo to match my other bamboo drawers, but I refused to give up my plastic organizer with 5 holders if I couldn’t find a bamboo one with 5. Then I found this one! Love that it expands so I can fit it perfectly in the space I need and love that it has a few extra holders than most other ones for a couple of different spots for sharp knives and appetizer forks/knives. Very pleased with the quality and item. (Photo attached is sideways – I actually pull the drawer out and the blue utensils are on the left and the eating utensils are on the right. Drawer pictured is 36″ across)

  10. jimb

    Love the adjust-ability of it and the many compartments available. Have it in a large drawer following a kitchen remodel, holds all the various size spoons, forks, etc., in their own compartment. Looks nice, works great and seems very sturdy so far. Haven’t heard any of the spoons or knives complain yet at all. The forks, on the other hand, are always complaining about something, so I just take that with a grain of salt.

  11. Stephen

    Weird it is so hard to find one of these that has room for two sizes of forks and spoons. I guess I am one of the few that wants all the silverware handy?

    This one has standard places for all the standard silverware and extends out nicely to take up the rest of the drawer width – leaving other side compartments for the utensils or other odd silverware pieces.

    It fit perfectly in our drawer side to side. We did desire to put a skinny board in the back of the drawer to keep it from sliding back, as it was about 1/2 inch short and would always migrate to the back. Now it is a perfect fit.

  12. todd y.

    Exactly what I wanted

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