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Bamboo Utensil Organizer

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Bamboo utensil drawer organizer from Royal Craft Wood is easy to fit in every drawer. To make everything look perfect, adjust the sizes of the organizer as you like. This bamboo utensil holder drawer is specially created with larger and deeper compartments. Now you can store all your utensils, brushes, jewelry or anything you want within reach.

  • Perfect for storage: Utensil drawer organizer is perfect for almost all standard drawer sizes larger than 17″ long, 2.38″ deep, and 13.5″ in width. Easily store flatware, utensils and other kitchen gadgets.
  • Expandable drawer organizer: Our utensil holder has an adjustable design from 3 to 5 compartments. Two expandable compartments help to organize all your cutlery, flatware and silverware. The enlarged compartment in the center will help to store even large items.
  • Stylish durable design: This silverware organizer is made from water-resistant bamboo. It takes only 5 minutes to clean and maintain your cutlery tray. Our kitchen drawer organizer looks beautiful and allows you to organize everything better. It fits almost any decor.
  • Deep compartments: Use every slot of the bamboo drawer organizer in the most efficient way. Now you can keep everything you need close at hand. Get extra space for kitchen utensils with the best drawer organizer by Royal Craft Wood.


Bamboo drawer organizer was specially designed for people who love to have every room in their home organized. You will love it whether you plan to put the utensil holder drawer organizer in a living room, a bedroom, or a kitchen. The results will be awesome. The organic bamboo wood will be beautiful and functional for years. This is a great gift for organizers. Royal Craft Wood bamboo cutlery drawer organizer is a solution for your home.

  • Expandable bamboo kitchen drawer organizer with adjustable sides;
  • 3-5 compartments of various sizes;
  • Slip-resistant tabs to keep it from sliding;
  • Reinforced base;
  • Easy to clean and maintain;
  • Eco-friendly and beneficial for your health;
  • Stylish design that fits every room.

Additional information

Package dimensions

17.3 x 13.8 x 2.7 inches

Item weight

4.6 pounds



13 reviews for Bamboo Utensil Organizer

  1. Amanda

    I love this organizer because it is EXPANDABLE! It fits perfectly in my kitchen drawer and lets me organize all my tools easily. The quality is also really good. This is great for any kitchen because you can expand the size of it. I will definitely be using in any house I move in since I know it can fit and last for a long time.

  2. Swami

    We really love this drawer organizer! We use it for our flatware and several other small kitchen gadgets. The width of this organizer is adjustable so you can have one narrow compartment on either side or one wide compartment on one side. We were amazed to know that someone constructed this completely by hand! It is finished beautifully and fitted perfectly. It shipped very quickly as well.

  3. shirley lin

    I bought this for my mom who is borderline hoarder like. She likes to keep kitchen utensils that she doesn’t need and her drawers are a mess. I got this for her and it’s a nice organizer that is expandable and sturdy. Nice price.

  4. Stephen G.

    A well made large capacity draw insert. Just check your draw size, this item is fairly large and will not fit some draws. I ended up using in a cabinet on a shelf for large utensils. Great item easy to reach and take out. This draw is well made and very nice. If you need a draw with storage sections THIS is made for you. As in the above pictures, the draw is expandable on each side. Kinda amazed at the quality and good looks of this item. Good price and would purchase again if needed.

  5. Brian

    When I ordered this, I was just looking for something cheap for my drawer to store my utensils. This turned out to be a very nice, very sturdy, and very efficient item. I plan on ordering a second one for another set of drawers. It seems like it’s well-made, and it should be easy to clean after it sees some use

  6. Ashley M.

    I have purchased this utensil organizer. I love it! The quality is beautiful and fits perfectly in my drawers. I receive a lot of compliments.

  7. Catherine Alvarado

    Perfect and seems like I’m going to have it a long time

  8. Ori

    Great, sturdy, and very chic product. Perfect for people who love organization 🙂
    Would buy this product again !!

  9. derek wight

    Beautiful and well-built product

  10. Amy Lehman

    Very well built! I ordered the 9 slot grey drawer organizer and absolutely love it! It has deep slots and fits the drawer perfectly!

    I wish the 5 slot organizer was sold in grey. I would order 2 of them to finish out my kitchen drawer organization!

  11. Christian Westerdahl

    Well made and beautiful looking drawer. Just what I needed in the kitchen.

  12. AIsg

    This is the best silverware drawer organizer I have ever owned. Lots and lots of room. Very well made

  13. Sheila L.

    I have narrow drawers in my kitchen so I don’t get the full potential use. But I do like this product.

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