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Bamboo Cutting Board with Compartments 18×12 inches

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The company made another premium-quality bamboo cutting board for meat. This time, it’s with built-in compartments so you enjoy your cooking routines. From now on, no extra bowls and the mess in your workplace. Chop the ingredients and leave them in the compartments without blending juices! Tackle complicated meals with no extra time because of its smart design, which allows prepping lots of ingredients simultaneously. The surface is knife-friendly, prevents scarring and cuts, resists odors and bacteria. Use it as a cheese and charcuterie serving tray at your parties, or make an excellent gift for foodies!

  • EASY MANAGING OF MULTIPLE INGREDIENTS – The large wood cutting board with compartments has 3 built-in slots allowing you to keep different ingredients separately and eliminate the use of extra bowls. Juice grooves around the edges confine all the spills, making your cooking hassle-and mess-free. It’s easy to wash and maintain in the long run!
  • UNPARALLELED SURFACE QUALITY – The surface is large enough for everything from light meals to the event’s main course. It is durable and sturdy, knife- and cutlery-friendly, and prevents cuts and scarring. This chopping board with compartments is odor- and bacteria-resistant, tolerates water without absorbing it.
  • ATTRACTIVE SERVING CHARCUTERIE TRAY – The bamboo cutting board doubles as a serving tray cheese board. Built-in slots allow dishing out cheese, nuts, dried fruits, crackers elegantly. Side handles make it easy to bring treats from the kitchen table to the main one. It’s just the thing for parties and an ideal gift for foodies.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCT FOR ECO-CONSCIOUSNESS – The bamboo cutting board for meat is manufactured with eco-consciousness in mind. It encourages the idea of sustainability by being 100% organic, biodegradable, and BPA-free. It was built to last and deliver a lifetime of use, keeping your family healthy and the planet clean.


This is the ultimate cooking utensil in the kitchen, delivering high-end functionality. Premium quality bamboo surface, juice grooves, side handles, the double-sided, reversible concept makes it stand out from the pack.

Key features:

  • Extra-large with 3 built-in compartments
  • Dual-sided and reversible
  • Knife-friendly, odor- and bacteria-proof
  • Juice grooves, side handles
  • Durable and waterproof
  • 100% organic bamboo

Additional information


100% bamboo

Item weight

3.48 pounds

Package dimensions

17.99 x 12.01 x 0.91 inches

4 reviews for Bamboo Cutting Board with Compartments 18×12 inches

  1. Adam

    Nicely done, really convenient to use

  2. Shaye Gresham

    I use this cutting board on an almost daily basis and it has definitely stood up to the test. It’s made very well and doesn’t mar easily which is so helpful when it’s being used so often. I would recommend this product for anyone needing good quality and long-lasting product.

  3. ruty0511

    Ohh wow what a wonderful surprise…. A very beautiful cutting board…. Thank you..!!

  4. Jimmy P. Schreck

    This cutting board is really nice. I would highly recommend any of these cutting boards the craftsmanship is well done, it’s easy to clean, and worked perfect for our New Years snacks.

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