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Bamboo Cutting Board – 12×8 inches

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  • DRIP GROOVE juice holds from meat, fruits or vegetables. Making a stylish cheese and meat platter in few minutes.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE, KNIFE FRIENDLY: Bamboo won’t cause excessive wear and tear to cutlery. Most durable food preparation surfaces in the world.
  • PERFECT COMPACT SIZE: 8 x 12 inches cutting board doesn’t take too much space on the counter and is easy to clean.
  • GORGEOUS ADDITION: such an eye-catching tool in the kitchen. A modern and elegant gift for any cooking enthusiast.
  • 100% ORGANIC BAMBOO: made from organic material with no stains or pesticides. It resists staining and bacteria growth.


Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

Size: 12″ x 8″


  • Side Handles
  • 100% Bamboo
  • Juice Groove
  • Eco-friendly

Additional information

Weight 2.4 lbs

7 reviews for Bamboo Cutting Board – 12×8 inches

  1. David

    I was surprised, cause this product is better in real life than on the picture. Bought those board as a present for my wife. She loves cooking and every time complaining about dull knives. So, I thought this would be the perfect gift for her. This one is easier on knives than plastic. It’s also eco friendly because it’s made out of bamboo. It is not small, thick and slightly heavy. My wife was ultra happy. She dreamt about this one over month. Royal Craft Wood gets an A+ for this one.

  2. Chef

    Just the right size and quality. Really easy to clean and maintain. It’s perfect to cut fruits and vegetables, no juice on the table and floor. All is on the board, grooves save my kitchen from that mess 🙂

  3. Amazon Customer

    A very nice cutting board. It just the right size for all of my cutting needs.

  4. Kandi Yams

    I adore this cutting board, I finally used it this morning to cut up some bell peppers and oh my god I could immediately tell the difference between this cutting board and the green plastic one I’ve had for 15 years. Now mind you I have $300 Calphalon knives that are extremely sharp so this was even better with cutting against. It’s very true like another reviewer said it makes your knives cut even better and mines aren’t dull at all. So glad I purchased this

  5. Evelyn Pierce

    I have my bamboo cutting board as well now. It’s my first experience with this particular wood – it’s awesome. There aren’t any traces of knife left after cutting, no need for extensive cleaning (I use water with a bit of lemon juice to keep my board in shape). It has a good look though I’m mostly a fan of practical thing this board does. It doesn’t have water and juices from meat and fruits, as well as there aren’t the little pieces of wood on the knives.
    This board makes cooking a lot easier. I love it.

  6. Ashley

    A very nice cutting board. It just the right size, perfect for everything that I need to cut.

  7. Herbster

    Beautiful board. Quality is top drawer. Size is perfect for that larger chopping/slicing job. I have been using bamboo boards for years now. They last……hold up as well or better than (Expensive) butcher block. Cleanup is a breeze. Try this board, you’ll be pleased. It also can be used as a serving tray. Double duty.

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