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Bamboo Cutting Board 10×15 inches

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The eco-friendly bamboo cutting board is not only naturally safe with its antimicrobial properties but is also reversible and heavy-duty. Knife-friendly cutting board: there’s nothing like cutting on bamboo wood. Our chopping board keeps the blade of your knives sharp and makes prep work enjoyable. Just the right size board: 10 x 15 inches cutting board helps make cutting easier and safer. It’s ideal for leaving on a countertop or storing it in a drawer.

  • Built-in drip groove holds juice from meat, fruits or vegetables.
  • Professional grade, knife-friendly: Bamboo won’t cause excessive wear and tear to cutlery.
  • Perfect compact size: 10 x 15 inches cutting board helps make cutting easier and safer. It’s ideal for leaving it on a countertop or storing it in a drawer
  • Antibacterial 2-sided board: Eco-friendly bamboo cutting board is not only naturally safe with antimicrobial properties but is also reversible and heavy duty
  • 100% organic bamboo is All-Natural with Antibacterial, and Antimicrobial Properties absorbs less liquid and has fewer cross-contamination concerns.


The most important thing for every chef is high-quality tools in their kitchen. With our bamboo cutting board, you don’t need to worry about your knives, because of the durability and style of our materials! Royal Craft Wood’s team combine all chefs need in one product! Chop meat, herbs or cut vegetables with a Royal Craft Wood cutting board and use it as a stylish serving tray for steaks or a fancy barbecue platter! You can use both sides of the cutting board for chopping and serving food.


  • 100% bamboo
  • Side Handles
  • Juice Groove
  • Eco-friendly

Additional information

Weight2.4 lbs
Package dimensions

15 x 10 x 2 inches


100% bamboo

21 reviews for Bamboo Cutting Board 10×15 inches

  1. Rachel

    My cooking routine is getting much better with this cutting board! I’ve butchered meat, like to cut cheese, fruits, and almost all types of food on it. I am really happy that I have tried something from bamboo. So smooth and stylish item, love it! The best plus is the grooves on the sides. They allowed the water to hold on the board, so, no mass on the kitchen at all:)

  2. Patrick Downes

    An awesome bamboo cutting board. The first I ever purchased and I’m in NO WAY disappointed. On the first day after opening the shipping package, I prepared my slow cooker for a vegetable and beef stew. Easy cutting of veggies on the board and easy clean-up also. This board replaces the acrylic boards I normally used. Very happy I made the decision to go to quality wood board.

  3. Ashley E.

    Nice for everyday usage. Love the design, natural bamboo color and size. Not to heavy, but really sturdy. Plus, everyone immediately notice the natural board in my kitchen and want to have same too:)

  4. Kandi Yams

    I adore this cutting board, I finally used it this morning to cut up some bell peppers and oh my god I could immediately tell the difference between this cutting board and my green plastic one I’ve had for 15 years. Now mind you I have $300 Calphalon knives that are extremely sharp so this was even better with cutting against. It’s very true like another reviewer said it makes your knives cut even better and mines aren’t dull at all. So glad I purchased this

  5. Kat

    Gift for my sister. She loves it! Good size and quality.

  6. Simon

    First, this is not a premium cutting board. That being said, for what it is, a budget, low cost, high value bamboo cutting board made in china, it does its job well.
    If you are looking for an heirloom, get a boos block. Aside from that, there’s not much to say. Wash and wipe after every use, this will last a very long time. If you really want to stretch it, get some mineral oil and keep the wood treated every few weeks or so.

  7. Henry Nash

    Been using this board for some time and I still see no signs of it getting old. I’ve butchered meat, cut cheese, fruits, and almost all types of food possible. The surface is very knife-friendly, something I haven’t seen in other boards I’ve owned. Sure, it takes a bit of sanding to get the perfect grain I want but the quality of this one is still impressive.

  8. Wife-Mom-Teacher…tired

    I had purchased a bamboo board that had a list of splinters as soon as I took it out of the packaging, so I read a lot of reviews before finally purchasing this one. As suggested, I treated it with mineral oil as soon as I got it. The board looks and feels great. There were the tiniest bit of splinters upon the first wash, but after treating it and several uses, it has been perfect. I really like the groove to catching juices. I would definitely purchase this again.

  9. kathy garden

    I recently purchased a set of ceramic knives. I love them. They are very lightweight and very sharp. But I can no longer cut into my fingers.
    My daughter told me she uses a bamboo board. I did some reading and I am now convinced.
    The organic bamboo is antimicrobial and antibacterial. It doesn’t stain or hold germs. Also, it is kind to my new knives.
    This board is sturdy but lightweight. And it’s beautiful. It’s very well put together.
    I bought the extra large and it’s a great size to cut several things on when prepping for a meal. It will also serve nicely as a sausage, cheese and cracker tray when company stops by.
    I am happy with my board and would recommend it to anyone that asked.

  10. Melanie P. Moses

    Having a larger Bamboo cutting board that I love, I wanted a smaller one. This fits what I wanted. Bamboo boards are excellent – sturdy surfaces, a hardwood that doesn’t dull my good knives, doesn’t stain very easy so easy to clean, food doesn’t sink into the surface and just last forever unlike the plastic ones. The special thing about this board is the handholds on either side of the board. This makes it very each to pick up, less slippery to handle when washed. It makes a big difference. I have one in my RV that doesn’t have handholds so having experienced one without, I wanted one that did have them like the other bigger board I have in the house. This one is not only great to use, but it is also so attractive on my counter. I think it is the best board I have ever had and I am 70 years old!

  11. Grandma

    There are many cutting boards to choose from and I am very happy I bought this one. It is just as described and very easy to clean. I have not had it long, but I intend to follow the care instructions to extend life. The juice groove is great. I would absolutely buy this as a gift. Delivery was great and the follow-up email from the company after delivery was very nice. So good looking it stays out on my counter all the time!

  12. Jack Blunt

    Good! It took time to get it (3 days) but still I love it.

  13. vct

    Bought this as part of a housewarming gift basket. It looks great and feels hefty. It’s a good size for everyday usage so I think the recipient will get a lot of use out of it. Overall satisfied with my purchase

  14. Ashley

    I love this cutting board and use it every day. It is smooth and so easy to clean. I spilled wine on it and it came right up. Such a good purchase. I plan on getting one for my mom and sister.

  15. Rudy

    It works perfectly in my small kitchen. Easy to clean, store and use. I applied food-grade mineral oil and it soaked it up just as I’d hoped. Thanks for the instructions.

  16. b.

    Perfect size for me and my family of four. It’s durable, easy to clean and fits easily into any cupboard we have.

  17. Kindle Customer

    Great workmanship, with beautiful color.

  18. Helen Swanston

    Great value and great product. I use my Cutting boards almost daily. They wash easily and when I’m cutting meat the juices don’t spill over on my counter. I highly recommend this product!

  19. Jessica Z

    Very good quality! Sturdy and mildew resistant. Easy to clean too!

  20. Movie Monster

    Very sturdy and nice design! Just the right size

  21. Paula

    Great product! Beautiful and easy to clean.

  22. Joan

    Good quality. Will buy other sizes also

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