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Bamboo Butcher Block / Chopping Board

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  • THICK AND DURABLE. End grain bamboo cutting board is resistant to cuts and scarring, and self-healing over time (the density of the fibers will push back into place).
  • BEST FOR EVERYDAY USAGE AND STORAGE. Optimal size of 13.5” x 10” is big enough for cutting and chopping meat, vegetables, salads and even herbs. And small enough to put into a drawer or to leave on a counter top! Juice grooves won’t let the liquids to spill and handles make it a very convenient and fancy serving tray.
  • ANTIBACTERIAL & ANTIMICROBIAL CHOPPING BOARD. Get over anti-sanitary plastic cutting boards filled with chemicals. BPA free bamboo naturally resists bacteria penetration & growth. By choosing bamboo carving board you stay protected.
  • KNIFE-FRIENDLY. Due to unique surface of this butcher block you’re given cooking freedom – slice, cut, carve and chop meat in every way you can imagine.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. We are positive you’ll find this kitchen butcher block convenient and you stay happy with the quality.



Enjoy a whole new cooking experience with the professional chopping and cutting board!


  • Double-sided reversible board
  • Thick self-healing end grain structure
  • Convenient side handles
  • Deep drip groove for catching juices
  • Knife-friendly surface
  • Antibacterial bamboo wood
  • An awesome gift for Wedding, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving or any other occasion

The end grain butcher block is made from natural BPA free bamboo, so it is food safe. It is also easy to take care of using soap and warm water.

Due to a smooth bamboo surface the cutting block is gentle to your knives. Also, you can be sure there won’t be any knife marks left behind – that’s why the board looks as good as new for years.

Most people use a chopping block just to cut food. But this chopping board for meat is so durable and good-looking that it is a good serving tray for steaks, loins, chicken and even cheese.

Our customers consider this top-rated bamboo cutting board for meat to be a good present. It fits every sort of kitchen and looks custom made. For a birthday gift, a wooden chopping block would be a practical decision, as one of the kitchen must-haves, it will never be forgotten somewhere in the drawer.

Additional information

Weight 3.6 lbs
Dimensions 13.5 × 10 × 1 in

9 reviews for Bamboo Butcher Block / Chopping Board

  1. admin_wood

    This butcher block is very thick. I use it to cut and serve meat right off the grill. Looks great on the table too!

  2. Michael

    Fantastic butcher block. I have been using it for few weeks and can say that it is very qualitative product. The bamboo is good looking and stylish, fits my interior and taste. We were looking for safety and low toxicity one and hope this is exactly want we wanted.

  3. Jose

    I needed a strong, durable and relatively not small board for all the things I cut daily because I love cooking. I got it and was pleased with the size, weight and appearance. The manager told me about maintaining and care of my butcher block, so I need to say that the service is also greatest one. I am very pleased and will buy from them again.

  4. Susie

    The cutting boards are beautiful that the reason for reordering time and time again. There have been NO issues or problems with the packing or shipping process. I use it mostly for cheese and fruits, but my husband saaid that it is perfect for meat. Durable bamboo, grear design and perfect size. 5 stars for this product.

  5. Lori Bingham

    Gave as a wedding gift. I had a friend use his laser to engrave their name and date.
    Now I want one!

  6. Andrew

    This is the best cutting board I have ever used and cost much less than other brands. I have used it a lot and it is still smooth and straight. No splinters or dryness. I don’t bother putting oil on it like some people do because it doesn’t seem to need it like other boards. (But oil would make it last longer I’m sure)

  7. P.

    I ordered oil for the board when I placed my order and oiled prior to use a day ahead of using. I use the flat side for cutting raw meat and the beveled side to cut cooked meat but never on the same day. So far I’m very happy, using once or twice a week. I do go easy on it because I do want it to last and I feel like it will with the proper care.

  8. Bobbie

    I wanted a small cutting board (13.5″ x 10″) to keep next to the sink so I don’t have to drag out a large board for a small task. The butcher-block style and end-cut bamboo make the board attractive enough to sit on the countertop all the time. It doesn’t take up much room and looks like it would cost more than it did. I got a deal!

  9. Jeremy

    The cutting board is of high quality and good value. The board is thick and heavy…perfect for big jobs. The seller sent an email on the care of the board and to follow up that it was received. I am very pleased with this purchase.

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