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Are you visiting a cheese shop regularly? Is it a normal part of your week? Offering your curated delicacies on the best cheese board is a must. Why is picking the right cheese board so important? Because it is the difference between a ho-hum appetizer platter and a wow-factor party that guests won’t soon forget. Our team will help you 🙂

Best Cheese Board

A well selected cheese board will tell its own story. Your unique story solely based on the types of cheeses you proffer to your guests. A great host knows that a good board will include not only soft, but also hard varieties of cheese, as well as pungent and mild options. Everything to please all manner of palates. Let’s get down to the business of selecting a proper serving board.

Wood Boards

Bamboo cheese board

It is the most popular and perfect choice for serving cheese. When choosing a wooden cheese board, it’s important to pick a species of wood that will not absorb flavors easily. Cheese is rich in fats and oils. Therefore, it has a propensity to go rancid once the fat oxidizes. It is best to avoid porous woods such as walnut and mahogany. Do not pick Brazilian walnut either because it is not a true walnut species.

The best choice for your cheese board is bamboo wood. Bamboo іѕ grоwn without uѕіng реѕtісіdеѕ оr chemical fеrtіlіzеrѕ. Bаmbоо fiber іѕ 100% biodegradable. You will be thrilled to know that bamboo wood is a sustainable and renewable product. This makes it ecofriendly. When it comes to selling your home one day, this can be an attractive feature and selling point for prospective buyers. In fact, this is what can increase the asking price and help you get the selling price you want. It is the safest material for you and your food and will add natural beauty to your kitchen and look great whenever you are entertaining friends and family.

Stone and Marble Boards

Stone boards make good cheese presentation platters due to both their form and function. Marble, granite, or natural stone are really great-looking. They offer a beautiful and cool surface on which to store cheese. If you enjoy hosting outdoor events or your cheese platter will be sitting out on a hot day, you will want to choose marble, granite, or stone to help preserve the cheese.


Slate is a relatively new material in the kitchen world. It has become popular, because for one, kitchen slate is non-porous and does not absorb flavors or smells from its surrounding environment. Unlike marble, slate is not as reactive and less prone to discoloration.

Glass Board

Glass cheese board

It is almost a perfect material for cheese, because it is non-porous, dishwasher safe (and thus, easy to clean), requires no maintenance and can be an attractive presentation piece. But there is one thing about glass that many people don’t like. It can be too loud when cutting and it is prone to the occasional cringe-inducing knife on glass sound. The worst sound in the world, right?

Five Reasons to Include a Cheeseboard at Your Next Gathering

Cheese platter in 10 minutes

If you want to impress your guests, you definitely need a luxurious and stylish cheese board. Still have some doubts? We put together 5 benefits of cheese board to buy for your next party.


Cheeseboards can be very simple and require very little day-of preparation. Plus, if you have a well-stocked pantry, it will be even easier! Just keep items like olives, raw nuts, and jam in your pantry. These items should be ready at all times to be added to a cheeseboard. These items are very good additions to any cheeseboard.

Focus on What is Important

Imagine that you are just simply opening packages of cheese, crackers, and etc. So, you don’t have to worry about spending time on it before guests arrive. You can spend 20-30 minutes preparing a cool cheese board and still have free time for more important tasks. Like mixing cocktails, for example 🙂

Luxurious Looking

Cheese boards are really easy to make beautiful. Just include key ingredients, and then let the ingredients shine. The more you practice arranging cheeseboards, the more comfortable you will become with the art of piling-high.

Helps Cater to All Dietary Restrictions

Many of us have guests with dietary restrictions. In such cases, you can easily include a gluten free option, a full-protein or high fat products (like nuts), or other items that accommodate special dietary needs all on a cheese platter. A good host knows about tastes and restrictions of his guests and tries to accommodate their needs. There’s nothing worse than putting out food, just to realize your guest isn’t able to enjoy any of it, right?

Everyone Loves a Delicious Cheese Board

Have you ever met someone who DOESN’T enjoy a beautifully styled cheese board with yummy cheese, crackers, nuts, and etc.? Really, it is very important to pair elements of your cheese platter smartly. This can create some of the most delicious flavor combinations guests have ever come across. Everybody loves cheeseboards!

Final Words

Cheese platter is an easiest way to impress everyone. All you need are a little bit imagination, some sorts of cheese, fruits or berries, your favorite charcuterie and some drinks! So, no matter if you pick wood, stone, or glass, a good quality cheese board will become a kitchen heirloom 🙂 

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