Ellen's List: best gift ideas for Valentine's day - ROYAL CRAFT WOOD | Eco-friendly bamboo wood products

  February is a month full of love. And the best holiday for couples is almost here. Everyone wants to get something special and unique for their soulmates. There are five love languages, and one of them is probably gifts.

  This year stop buying gift cards, making cookies or doing something similar again. Try something new! The coolest present is a bathtub caddy. Don’t believe us? Ok, we have an expert in presents – Ellen DeGeneres. Yes, it’s not a joke. If you like this amazing woman who has a brilliant sense of humor and sophisticated taste, you will definitely be interested in her must-have items. And guess what? Our bathtub caddy is on her February list. Yes, that’s right, our bathtub caddy is the best on the market.

What makes it the best?

  – Coolest and latest designs. We are always on trend 🙂
  – Take a look at how stylish it is and comfortable to use! How can you create a romantic atmosphere in the bath? Easy. Wine, cheese and your sweetheart. Awesome, right? Plus, how about breakfast or even dinner in bed?
  – Only organic and eco-friendly bamboo. Hello, nature lovers 🙂
  – If you prefer living as dangerously as almost all women do, it can also be used to prop up laptops for bath-time TV streaming or something more creative and fun 🙂 
  – Everyone who loves something really worth buying and unique will definitely love this bathtub caddy, Ellen wouldn’t lie 🙂

Just imagine the perfect evening with your loved one: bath with bubbles, candles and flowers everywhere, your favorite music, glasses of wine, cheese, and you two, for the perfect getaway without kids, stress or work issues.

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