Best gift for every lazy chef who ‘loves’ cooking - ROYAL CRAFT WOOD | Eco-friendly bamboo wood products

  Is there someone in your life who lives for nice meals but would rather clean up the house than take the time to make their own dinner? You can be the one to change that! Encourage your favorite foodie to finally get into the cooking world by gifting them some easy-to-use gifts even the laziest of chefs will make use of.

  A griddle, so any lazy chef can make delicious burgers without having to leave the house. Also, it is really simple to use, even a monkey could probably do it 🙂

  Throw your meat on, close the grill pan, and WOW — dinner is ready! Burger lovers will love it! This product is perfect for those of us with small apartments (and therefore small kitchens).


  An electric knife. HA-HA, we bet you also want this knife now too 🙂 With this awesome tool, any chef will be slicing through, well, anything in record timing.

  The knife can cut breads, meats, and even more without being sharpened. Say goodbye to your dull knives! This is a great gift for the person who enjoys cooking but hates every other aspect of serving a meal.


  A box of cinnamon swirl crumb cake and muffin mix for the extremely lazy baker.  Cut down the  time to dessert with this moist, tender taste that bakes in no time.

  Easy to make and always popular with guests.

Add an egg and some water and you get a really easy and delicious cake with the traditional crunchy top too. Just 5 minutes of your free time and that’s all it takes!



  What does any lazy chef hate? Washing the dishes!
A 4-in-1 chopper that can slice, dice, and chop with just one motion — essential for anyone who’s tired of cleaning cutting boards after meal-prepping.




  A pineapple corer for the lucky person in your life who likes piña coladas! Everyone hates how long it takes to cut up this fruit. Now no one needs to travel to Hawaii for the tropical drink — because this pineapple corer is available now (and much more cheaper, ha)!

  The best gift for those who are usually too lazy or “tired” to help make any cocktails.




  Does your ‘lazy chef’ like fries but wants to eat healthy food more often? Great! An oil-less fryer is perfect for everyone who wants to cook healthier meals faster. 

  It can bake, grill, fry, and roast meals up to 30% faster, and with a fraction of the oil you’d otherwise use. Awesome, right?



  An electric bottle opener, so your loved one can easily open their wine without taking their eyes off the stove. This product will blow everyone’s mind! Lazy or not, no one likes to struggle with a corkscrew.

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