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About us

Just the Right Bamboo

Our Mission

At RoyalCraft Wood, we bring you the best, most sustainable Bamboo wood products you have ever seen!

We specialize in creating eco-friendly bamboo merchandise with the coolest and latest designs you have ever seen or heard of. We are dedicated to bringing you bamboo wood products at an affordable price and the all the latest designs. We can do this because we work with the highest quality and most skilled artisans in the industry.

Our products are natural bamboo that has been refined and will have the least amount of impact on the environment. We strive to offer the highest level of sustainability with our merchandise.

At RoyalCraft Wood, we pride ourselves on the manufacturing of premium grade, environmentally friendly bamboo merchandise. We offer high quality exceptional designs on our complete range of bamboo products. Due to our extensive stock, we can supply your complete range of bamboo products on a next working day delivery basis.

The merchandise we make has minimum refining and manufacturing. Our craftsmen use saws, drills, sanders, and drying devices; mostly simple tools and a lot of skilled hands! We like to keep it simple.  Our bamboo is sealed with all-natural sealers.  We use linseed oil and tung oil. We even provide a five-year warranty on all our bamboo products.

As part of our offers, you can subscribe to our website to get discounts on our wood products and also first-hand information on the latest designs available in our online store.

I will give a five star to royalcraftwood woodworkers for never falling below expectations.



I have never regretted every penny spent on royalcraftwood products.

Jim Roy


Great products… great services… great delivery!

Arger Martinez